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RE: OT - Vaccines

From: Kathy Duret <>
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 11:11:57 -0700
Message-ID: <>

be, having kids is the most wonderful thing in the world!  And you start losing your mind when you get pregnant!
class=262401018-17082001>Believe it or not one of the best resources I have is just talking to other women at Baby's R Us, grocery store and the doctor's office.  They will let you know what works and what doesn't.  Also, each baby and pregnancy is quite different.  You learn by trial and unfortunately error with each. 

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  How on earth can a parent make the
  right decisions?? All the information flying around on the list is pretty   unnerving.  Sure the numbers may be very low but the #1 thing I worry   about (and most other expectant parents) is the baby's health.  How do   all you parents do this without going batty....   But thanks for sharing all this

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    actually, while the overall rate may well have     dropped, the US has an ABHORRENT record     in this department:
    Read this and *weep*
    href=""     target=_blank>     

    Note, also, that MOST of the reduction in IMR     have NOTHING to do with vaccines...most     of them have to do with congenital <FONT face=Arial     size=2>defects...perinatal complications...etc.      In fact, SIDS may be *directly correlated* to     increased vaccination:
    A quote:

    Happily, at least one country thinks it has a     solution:
    href=""     target=_blank>     3-v8-n4-p229.htm
    A quote: "(2) Crib deaths nearly disappeared in     Japan in 1975 when first inoculations     were postponed until the 24th month of life."     -----Original Message----- <FONT
    face=Arial size=2>Sent: Friday, August 17, 2001 12:16 PM <FONT     face=Arial size=2>To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L     sicker? possibly. But the infant mortality rate     has dropped.
>From: "Babette Turner-Underwood"

    <> <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>Reply-To: <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L     <> >Subject:
    RE: OT - Vaccines >Date: Fri, 17 Aug     2001 05:36:53 -0800 > <FONT
    face=Arial size=2>>I wonder if there is a link between all of these     vaccines >that are forced upon our
    children and the increase in <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>childhood illnesses, such as asthma and allergies
>and ADHD and ...?? <FONT

    face=Arial size=2>> >Something has
    changed. With our new improved health <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>care system, I believe on average children are sicker
>than they were 20 or 30 years ago.
> >-

    babette > <FONT face=Arial

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> <FONT face=Arial

    size=2>> >yikes.....the immune
    system is fabulously complex....second in complexity <FONT     face=Arial size=2>>only to the brain itself...and it is still very very     much in development >at early
    ages...this is why kids -- all kids -- get more colds, etc than
>us older folks...the system is literally
    "learning" for the first few years >or     more. > <FONT face=Arial
    size=2>>Pounding this system with "new" vaccines...before it is     developed, or fully >able
>to defend itself ( vaccines ARE basically
    hobbled diseases, folks ) is <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>really >scary to me.
> <FONT face=Arial

    size=2>>Also, and I may get chicken pox ( i did, and     mumps...) but >we get it by host to     host contact...NOT by *intravenous injection*  <FONT     face=Arial size=2>>directly >into
    the bloodstream where orders of magnitude more of disease vectors are
>introduced into the body than if they had to
    pass through the skin or >mucosal
    linings.... > <FONT
    face=Arial size=2>>just a thought..... <FONT face=Arial     size=2>> >-----Original
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    recipients of list ORACLE-L >
> >Give

    the kid some baby motrin or baby tylenol prior to the shot.      Works >wonders.  I've got two who
    just got a round of vaccinations this week. <FONT face=Arial     size=2>> >Scott Shafer
>San Antonio, TX <FONT face=Arial
    size=2>> > <FONT 
    face=Arial size=2>>Kathy Duret wrote: <FONT face=Arial 
    size=2>> > > > Thanks for the 

    link.   As a new parent of a 4 month old, I am always
>looking for things to read about

    newborns. > > <FONT
    face=Arial size=2>> > Some Health centers (Long Beach, CA) are now     requiring children to have >TB
>shots before they can be entered into day
    care.  My pediatrician refuses <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>(thankfully) to do it before 6 months even if they have been     exposed to the >virus because of the     potential side effects. > >
> > It is really hard to see my 4 month
    old get three shots (they won't <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>split >them up I asked) at
    one time.  His little legs are so bruised afterwards. <FONT     face=Arial size=2>>It takes him a week to get back to normal.  But     often the benefits outweigh >the
    risks.  Just be aware of the side effects and watch them like a     hawk.  >I <FONT
    face=Arial size=2>>get up several times a night for several days after     the shots to check my >babies color,     breathing and temperature.  Better neurotic than sorry.
> > <FONT face=Arial

    size=2>> > My husband and I both go on vaccination day, so one can     comfort the baby >on the way home
    while the other drives.  I read somewhere that a doctor
>actually said they don't feel that much
    pain.  He should have seen my <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>babies >legs and heard him
    scream. > > <FONT
    face=Arial size=2>> > This is probably one of the worst things about     being a parent. > >
> > kathy <FONT face=Arial

    size=2>> > > > -----Original
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    August 16, 2001 12:33 PM > > To:
    Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L >
> > > As having a few chicken

    pox scars (luckily in areas that are not seen) I <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>understand this some. >
> > > The vaccine also prevents

    Shingles later in life.  Shingles normally <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>happens in older people where your immune system is     stressed/suppressed.  >It
>is quite painful.  Even though I am not
    very old, I have experienced >Shingles     and it ain't fun. > >
> > Both Shingles and Chicken Pox are
    forms of the Herpes Virus.  Cannot <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>remember which simplex, but not symplex 10 I'm sure.  And     not the same >symplex as your STD type     Herpes. > > <FONT
    face=Arial size=2>> > And if you live in Virginia, it's state law that     children are immunized >against
    Chicken Pox.  Before age 3 I believe. <FONT face=Arial     size=2>> > > > -----Original
    Message----- > > Sent: Thursday,
    August 16, 2001 3:14 PM > > To:
    Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L >
> > > There is a whole new class

    of vaccines the drug companies are pushing <FONT face=Arial     size=2>> > that are supposed to prevent generally non-life-threatening     illnesses > > like Chicken
    Pox.  Merck's Chicken Pox vaccine ad is particularly <FONT     face=Arial size=2>> > heinous, as it promotes the vaccine as     preventing cosmetic blemishes > >
    that result from Chicken Pox. >
> > > Another in a long line of

    medicines for healthy people with unknown <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>long-term effects. >
> > > If you are interested in

    Vaccine safety and dangers, there is an <FONT face=Arial     size=2>> > organization devoted to the subject: <FONT     face=Arial size=2>> > > >
    National Vaccine Information Center >
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