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RE: OT - Vaccines

From: Lisa Corell Auerbach <>
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 04:52:36 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Hi Ross - you wrote -

>"...Children who have evidence of immunity as demonstrated by laboratory
confirmation of immunity or a reliable medical history of disease are exempt from such requirement...."
>|| This says, basically, that is it really

Actually, they're referring to titers (which give a laboratory confirmation of immunity). For some diseases, a history of the disease renders you immune, thus if you have had those diseases, you are exempt. For other diseases, in certain circumstances (not childhood immunizations), if I remember correctly, you are not considered immunized until your titer reaches a certain level. I believe HepB for occupational exposure was or is one of those.

>"....After July 1, 2001, all children who have not yet received
immunization against hepatitis B shall receive such immunization prior to entering sixth grade...".
>|| This says, basically, that you have to have HiB before sixth grade (
12 years old) not..three years old....

HiB is Haemophilus B (spelling?), not Hepatitis B. Hepatitis B is normally abbreviated HepB.

>I cannot, in good conscience agree that it is mandated.....there are so
many loopholes...exemptions...exclusions....caveats...
>It is a skein of confusion and misinformation, generated by "The Board".

It is actually mandated, although one can get around it using exemptions as you note.
If I remember correctly, the VDH immunization guidelines (like, I believe, most state vaccination guidelines), are based on the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control) recommendations, not a separate determination by the state (or Commonwealth in this case) Board of Health.

Lisa Auerbach
(who worked for 8 years in a district office of the Virginia Department of Health.)

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