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FW: [Fwd: Help scheduling Hot Backup on NT...]

From: Paul Drake <>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 11:31:10 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Hi Denmark,

I really haven't been posting to the list at all lately. This one I can't pass up.

Scott and myself here at PSS (now Encoda Systems) have prepared a set of batch jobs/scripts for configuring arch/exp/hot/cold/scheduling backups for NT/W2K (dictionary driven). They include the use of the db_verify utility, compression and emailing of the results. I've been meaning to put them up on the NYOUG and OOUG web sites, but its been busy with TARs, db upgrades and travel.

So we have a set of scripts that are GPL'd - that I've sent privately to a couple of people on the list for review - you're welcome to them. They're for Oracle 8.1 - but should work against 8.0.

As far as publishing the scripts - Rachel, I'll send a copy to Kevin for OOUG - who do I need to send them to for NYOUG again? After they're published, the urls will be posted.

Now - as far as accessing mapped drives inside of a scheduled batch job - this topic has been covered here on the list before - just last week I believe. The local system account does not have permissions on mapped drives. If need be, using the Resource Kit for your version, you can create a service for the various backup jobs, and have that service run as a specific user account. That framework should allow the batch job to access the mapped drive.

> Does any one know of tools available for running Unix on NT besides MKS
> Unix. Preferably a shareware tool.

As far as tools for bash on NT/W2K - I like cygwin -



Paul Drake
Encoda Systems

Hi DBA's,

I need your help. I know that I could have got this running with no problems
in the Solaris environment.
However, I'm working in an NT 4.0 environment with Oracle 8.0.5 in ARCHIVELOG Mode. BTW, is Oracle 8.0.5 still supported? I've set up a batch file that connects to SQL*Plus and runs an SQL script
which runs a Hot Backup of a remote Oracle 8.0.5 database to a NAS drive on
the LAN. Everything works fine when I double-click the batch file. Now I'm trying to schedule this batch process from my workstation and from
another NT Server. I've tried the AT command and WINAT.exe but nothing runs
at the scheduled time. I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this problem because
I don't know where errors are logged.
I have other batch jobs scheduled in Winat.exe as well which execute fine.
They access a remote SQL Server.

I would appreciate any advice. Perhaps someone has been down this path before. Perhaps there is a better tool.
Does any one know of tools available for running Unix on NT besides MKS Unix. Preferably a shareware tool.

Thanks in advance,

Denmark Weatherburne

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