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RE: OT -- training

From: Bowes, Chris <>
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 15:35:11 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Really?  I was told
that  if you are an independent NON
incorporated entity, you will get a 1099 to your social security number.  If you incorporate as a 1099 business (sole prop, non schedule C company) then your company will get a 1099.

If you are an S corp or a C
corp, and have a corporate EIN then usually you won't get any 1099's.

Either way, there will be paper
work and numbers needed and your income will be reportted.

Most companies that I have
dealt with have demanded that you be incorporated as a C or S corp.  The reason is if you're not an s or c corporation and you're getting any kind of benefit from a company that you're doing work for and not an employee of, then the IRS can (and will, if they discover it), charge that company for your FICA taxes and FUTA taxes.   They can also declare you an employee of them, exposing them to lawsuits from you.

If you are incorporated, then
the likelyhood of the IRS telling a company using your work that they are responsible for your payroll taxes goes down.  It's not nonexistant, but it does go down.

I'll have to look this up to
see where I am wrong.

--Chris <FONT face=Arial

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  size=2>-----Original Message-----From: Christopher Spence   []Sent: Monday, August 13, 2001 4:58   PMTo: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-LSubject: RE:   OT -- training
  Generally the way it works
  (at least in NH)
  If you do not hire
  employee's, give benefits you do not need a tax id.   Although alot of companys are
  very uncomfortable dealing with people without tax id's.   If you are by yourself
  you generally will not need a tax id.  Although it may prove benefitial   to have one to make it easier when dealing with larger companies who feel   insecure.
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    face=Tahoma size=2>-----Original Message-----From: JOE TESTA     [] Sent: Monday, August 13, 2001     4:40 PMTo: Multiple recipients of list     ORACLE-LSubject: RE: OT -- training
    That i dont know for sure, i incorporated so there would     be less questions from the IRS, got a taxid the whole thing, separate     checking acct, credit cards, so there is a definite separation between     business money and personal money.
    oh and my original statement should have been a     question
    You can't write off training?????
    >>> 08/13/01 04:11PM >>>Joe     do you actually have to get incorporated or can you just file as     aprivate business? - E-----Original Message-----From: JOE     TESTA [<A
    href="]">]Sent:     Monday, August 13, 2001 12:42 PMTo: Multiple recipients of list     ORACLE-LYou can't write off training.  you need to get     incorporated.  I'm a businessentity and if/when the company i work     for won't pay for training, you canbet it will get written off on my     taxes, that includes all of the oraclebooks, OCP exams, you name it, it     gets deducted as a legitimate companyexpense.  2 years ago     the company i was working for didnt want to send me toopenworld(and I     knew i'd be leaving in less than 2months anyways), so i atethe cost and     wrote the entire trip off.joe>>> 08/13/01 02:41PM >>>Patrice,There is     "resistance" to any training that I feel is necessary to further     myknowledge and/or enhance my understanding of the Oracle processes.     Eventhough I have money in the budget for such items I have to submit a     businesscase defining the gains to the company and after completing the     course witha passing grade the company will reimburse me the expenses     for the courseonly. I also have to sign a waver that I will pay the     company back the fullcost of the course if I leave their employment     before 365 days. Needless tosay I pay for everything myself and hope to     write it off on taxes if theyever get the bill signed into law.ROR     mª¿ªm >>> 08/13/01 11:46AM     >>>Just out of curiosity, how many days / weeks of real     training did youremployer provide you with in the last couple of     years?"real" is in quotes, I don't mean the little 1 - 3 day     seminars given byCareerTrack and other "training" companies, or     management-related stuff likelittle MBA-flavoured certificates from     universities.Oh, and did the amount of training you received match     what you were toldduring your job interview?Regards,Patrice     BoivinSystems Analyst (Oracle Certified DBA)Systems Admin &     Operations | Admin. et Exploit. des systèmesTechnology     Services        | Services
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