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From: JOE TESTA <>
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 10:47:58 -0700
Message-ID: <>

point in time recovery:

1.  restore all datafiles to some time BEFORE you want to stop recovery.
2.  recover until (let you look this one up, hint probably use time, unless you know the SCN). 3.  open database w/resetlogs option.

here is the catch, if you're in noarchivelogmode, all of the transactions have to be in the current logs.  definition of current logs is they can't have been reused, wrapped, however you want to call it.

Example:  I'm restoring a fullbackup from 2 days ago,  our redologs are 100M, as i look the timestamps, we've only done 1 logswitch since the backup, in that case, it will work but if you've used up all of the logs and wrapped around, the previous wont help at all.

if you want to talk further about it and you have IM, catch me at IM screename joen8xct.


>>> 08/13/01 02:16PM >>>Hi DBA's here is another scenario,I'm trying to recover a database from a cold O/S backup onto another NT machine. The source database was running in NOARCHIVELOG Mode.I guesss the backup was not taken at a consistent state because when I tried to open the database, Oracle asked for Archive Log#13.I realized that I don't have the Archived Log because the source database was running in NOARCHIVELOG mode. I think I copied the online REDO logs as well though.I changed the status on the source database to ARCHIVELOG mode in an attempt to write Archive Log#13 to disk.I made a mistake at the command line and ended up overwriting the online log#13 anyway. I ended up writing Archive Log#14 to disk.Of course Log#14 is useless because the destination system requires Log#13.I did some reading over the weekend and found out the following:If the Archived REDO Log that Oracle needs to complete recovery of a database is unavailable, I believe I can use Point in Time Recovery.I've never tested this scenario before. What approach is best?How can I determine what is the appropriate time to recover to?Thanks in advance,Regards,Denmark Weatherburne"Knowledge is power, but it is only useful if it is shared.">From: Raj Gopalan <>>To: " Discussion" <>>Subject: RE: RECOVERY>Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 10:03:00 +0100>>Use recover until option and enter cancel when oracle asks for the >corrupted>archive log. You need to open the database with resetlogs.>>-----Original Message----->From: Brian Zelli [<A
href="]">]>Sent: 06 August 2001 17:48>To: Discussion>Subject: RECOVERY>>>Hello all,>    HELP! 
I have a system (oracle 8.1.7 on SUN Solaris 7) that crashed. I>have no backup.  I can't seem to recover it.  I called oracle support and>they kept hammering on the fact that I needed to re-apply the last cold.  >As>I mentioned to him, we have no backup.  I tried to recover the database and>it doesn't like that.  I know which archive log is corrupted.  How do I get>to a point in time just before that log and bring up the
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