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RAID or NOT to RAID? What's the diff???

From: Koivu, Lisa <>
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 09:57:16 -0700
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Good morning -

Admitting ignorance here.  What is the difference between Raid 0+1 and Raid 1+0  (is this mirroring)?  If someone can forward a website that describes the difference I would really appreciate it.

Lisa Koivu
Oracle Database Administrator
Fairfield Resorts, Inc.

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You could also mention that when you have to resilver on RAID 1+0 after a disk fails, you only have to resilver one disk.

On RAID 0+1 you have to resilver all the disc in the stripe.

Jonathan Lewis

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|For e.g, if you have a 2-way striped mirrored volume,
|when you lose 1 drive in the volume, with RAID 0+1 you
|will lose 50% of the logical volume's I/O capacity, as
|the whole member of the logical volume is shot,
|because the stripe becomes totally invalid. With a
|comparable configuration using RAID 1+0, you will lose
|only 25% of your logical volume's I/O capacity.
|When the striped volume is a 4-way stripe, again with
|1 drive loss, with RAID 0+1 you will lose 50% of I/O
|capacity versus with RAID 1+0, you will only lose 12
|1/2 %. As your stripe-width increases, the percentage
|loss in the I/O capacity for RAID 1+0 decreases.
|You should (when possible) consider using RAID 1+0 any
|day when compared to RAID 0+1.

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