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NEW To Oracle - Please Help For Setting Up New Instance

From: tushi teek <>
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2001 17:53:35 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Hi Guys,

I am new to Oracle but have experience in other RDBMS. I have gone through the Oracle manuals and have feel of Oracle. I am planing to install a test instance to play with it, in one of our development server where we already have two instances running.

I will be performing the following task to setup the new instance. I will appreciate your feedback in correcting and adding any step if I have missed/messed up.

  1. Create directories for bdump, cdump, udump, pfile. I will be creating these directories on the same model as I have for other instances running this box.
  2. Create directories for the datafiles which will be used by new test instance.
  3. Add a entry for the new instance in listner.ora & tnsname.ora and use the unique port number.
  4. Copy the existing initialization file to the initNEWINSTANCE.ora in pfile directory and modify the control_file name, db_name etc. according to the new instance name.
  5. set the $ORACLE_SID to new instance.
  6. Start the instance using svrmgrl Connect internal Startup

If the instance starts, I will create the database, tablespaces.

Please donít make fun out of me if this approach is entirely wrong, instead I would be thankful for lining me on the right track.


PS. Instance will be setup on HP-UX11, oracle 8.1.6Ö Also I will be using the "oracle" login which has all the permission on Oracle binaries and being used for starting/shutdown the existing running instances.

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Author: tushi teek
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