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ADMIN: List status, bounces, archives

From: Bruce Bergman <>
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2001 13:59:09 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Yes, the lists were down virtually all night (Pacific time). I had been doing some work on the server around midnight and maybe an hour after I called it quits, the server locked up. Sorry for the span of silence and the ensuing rush of E-mail that is *still* being sent out. All should be well shortly.

Yes, some of you were bounced. novicedba_at_hotmail was bounced because his/her mailbox was too full (over quota) to accept new messages (a problem with using free E-mail, I know). You folks using free E-mail services need to watch to make sure your mailbox doesn't fill up. On a high traffic list like this one, it's easy to do, and if you get over quota, ListGuru will bounce you. DBarbour was bounced because of transient delivery failures in getting the mail to your site. Normally I don't give public reasons for bounces, but since those two asked in a public forum, I figure they were fair game. ;-)

Finally, a reminder that there ARE archives at our site. Go to and sign up if you haven't already (it's free). You can then browse old archives, search, etc. The archives are in a wide-beta, and work is ongoing virtually daily, but you should be able to mutz around with a minimum of hassle. Feedback, suggestions, requests for certain features, criticism, etc., are all welcome and appreciated.

A major new release of the archive site will be made next week. One of the cool features you'll see is the ability to find out if there are any problems
with the list server, which lists are closed, etc. Stay tuned.



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