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re: Designer 2000 install on Linux

From: dark matter <>
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2001 13:19:08 -0700
Message-ID: <>

If you saw my other post, it looks like designer is only on NT/Win. If you can dual boot your system, you should be able to get both the database and designer working on NT or Win2000. has an email list (free, even to non-members) for designer. also for JAVA, develop, etc.

As a student, you probably don't have access to Metalink, but fyi, here is what is shown for Designer in the "Technical Libraries" tab:

| Index Area -- Oracle Designer/Repository
| Use this self-service area to browse our Knowledge Base for
| support articles including technical bulletins, alerts, and
| scripts. Also included here are reference materials such as
| product manuals, "read me" documents, installation guides, release
| notes, and white papers. This Self-Service Center contains the
| same information that is used by Oracle analysts to research
| technical issues.
| Product Maintenance Alerts Documentation
| Information about patch sets, maintenance releases and product
| compatibility. Note: for downloads click on the Patches button of
| the main MetaLink menu.
| Articles about known problems, high-priority issues and specific
| recommendations to users. For additional Alerts, please refer to
| the Product Lifecycle section of MetaLink.
| Product specific documentation including Installation Guides,
| Release Notes, and ReadMe files, as well as other concept and
| reference materials.
| White Papers Technical Notes
| Essays about products, features, and technology; written by Oracle
| subject matter experts.
| Product specific technical solutions, notes and documents.
| Browse the latest articles for useful information from our
| Knowledge Base. To search additional articles from the Knowledge
| Base, type related keywords in the Search field above and click
| Search.
| Product Overview
| Oracle Designer 6i and Oracle Repository 6i are integral
| components of the Oracle Internet Developer Suite.
| Oracle Designer 6i offers a rich toolset to model, generate, and
| capture the requirements of client-server and web-based
| applications quickly, accurately, and efficiently and support for
| these extensive features is provided by Oracle Repository 6i which
| is a highly scalable software configuration management (SCM)
| system. Oracle Repository manages structured and unstructured data
| throughout the development life cycle and can support
| multi-developer, multi-stream software development projects of any
| size and complexity. Product FAQ
| Oracle 8.1.7 support requires use of a minimum certified
| Repository version, for additional information see note:60705.1
| and support alert note:123484.1
| This page was last updated 17-July-2001

[end excerpt]

*ALSO* Does your school have membership in the Oracle Academic Initiative (or whatever they call it now)?

They used to give schools *any* Oracle software for a one time $500 payment. I think that included what used to be called "bronze" support.

If you wanted upgrades, you had to pay another $500.

Congratulations on picking a very interesting topic of study.


> ------------------------------
>  From: "Kevin Hedger" <>
> Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 14:05:57 +0000 > Subject: Designer 2000 install on Linux

[via ORACLE-L Digest -- Volume 2001, Number 221]

> I am in need of some advise.  I have a class that is requiring that I 
> install Oracle Designer 2000.  The class provides Designer 2000 for windows 
> with the book "Rapid Applications Development with Oracle Designer 2000" 
> Billings, Chris / Billings, Maria / Tower, Julia.
> The problem is that I have Oracle 8i Enterprise Edition loaded on a Redhat 
> 6.2 Linux box.  I need to know where I can download designer 2000 for Linux 
> and if anyone has done this install I would greatly appreciate any advice or 
> direction anyone can give me.

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