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OT (Fwd) Re: IE v5.5 cleaner???

From: Eric D. Pierce <>
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2001 10:29:59 -0700
Message-ID: <>

(follow up to the windows security & virus thread) (from a former intel/microsoft employee I know)


> At 22:00 08-08-01 -0700, Eric D. Pierce wrote:
> >Did someone post a reference to a cleaner utility for IE v5.5??


> ... wasted space would probably only exist if IE5x were left in
> its default state.


> ... IE from versions 4 to the present does leave
> history and other data that you cannot erase manually while in the Windows
> OS. No one really knows the purpose of this and unfounded conspiracy
> theories abound. Personally I believe it's a combination of poor software
> engineering practices and allowance for future development upon which
> nobody can speculate accurately.
> But there are solutions. One marvelous suite of Applets is 12 Ghosts from
> Pact Software
> ref:
> See the description of 12Ghosts Wash in particular. I have the entire suite
> and it's well worth the modest price even if you use only half the applets
> in the suite.
> Absolutely the most thorough and secure cleaning:
> IEClean from Privacy Software Corporation
> Blurb:
> "Maintaining your privacy and preventing tracking of your movements on the
> Internet requires a lot more than just a cookie manager. Your email address
> is now a valuable asset - to way too many spammers, marketing researchers
> and advertisers. Using an IEClean alias will ensure your real email address
> won't be the one that's harvested. Internet Explorer users also can be
> given up by their GUID, a unique (to you) number that identifies both your
> system's hardware and software. Change your GUID with IEClean and you're
> suddenly someone else! Your cache and history files, which contain the
> traces of your movements, are probably the most vulnerable files, as
> they're likely to be the first to be found by someone accessing your system
> through ICQ chat, a rogue Active X or Activescript control, a trojan horse
> or other exploit. IEClean now offers a quick, easy means to disable system
> recognition of all known Visual Basic script extensions, including HTA-
> HyperText Application, which has no security protection at all. IEClean
> recovers your valuable disk space used by the myriad of databases Internet
> Explorer utilizes."
> Technical support from this company is immediate, personal and at the same
> time professional and practically unequalled anywhere else.


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