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Help Creating a new SID on NAS drive from hot backup

From: Denmark Weatherburne <>
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 16:40:30 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Hi DBA's

I am testing the recovery of the "PROD" SID from hot backups to a Network Attached Storage device. I followed all the prescribed procedures which completed successfully. However, after starting the instance, opening the database, and starting an SQL*Plus session I get the following error message when trying to execute an SQL statement from an SQL*Plus session connected to the newly recovered "DEV2" SID:

"ORA-01034: Oracle Not available".

I think there is a way to trick Oracle into thinking that a database is local right?

However, what I'm trying to do might be breaking the rules because the ORACLE_HOME on the NT server is on local drive D:\ORANT while I have restored the Oracle physical files to N:\Ora_Database\DEV2 which is a mapped drive of a share on a DELL Network Attached Storage device. I already tried changing the ORACLE_HOME path in the listener.ora configuration file. I used both the local and remote paths.

Please tell me if I'm wasting my time or give me some help.

Thanks in advance for your time,

Denmark Weatherburne

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Author: Denmark Weatherburne

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