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Re: FTP - GET command help

From: Helen rwulfjeq <>
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 14:36:19 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Thanks, But the thing is that the file name for GET need to be in ( ' ), otherwise, (the way that env setup), it will add current path to the file name. when I try << get ${ORACLE_SID}_FTP_AR_DSN ....>>, it returns error as: "Invalid data set name "/export/home/vwif/TBAE/FTP_DIRECTORY/IMP_AR_W.DAT". Use MVS Dsname conventions." (it gets my local file name instead of remote file name) BTW, I'm trying to get a file from mainframe. Any other thought? Thanks again
  Ron Thomas <> wrote: get ${ORACLE_SID}_FTP_AR_DSN ....Ron ThomasHypercom,"Either lead by example, or become a terrible warning"lannyue_at_yahoo .com To: Sent by: cc: root_at_fatcity. Subject: FTP - GET command help com 08/08/01 01:50 PM Please respond to ORACLE-L Hello, All:I can't find any reference about FTP syntax in UNIX shell script. Here is my problem and ask forhelp:On one server, we have couple of SID (this client setup can't be changed). Then in the ( BourneShell ) profile, we have for each SID:TBAE_FTP_AR_DSN='DS1B.XXXXX1.TIDE.XXXXX'export TBAE_FTP_AR_DSN-- where TBAE is ORACLE_SID namePBAE_FTP_AR_DSN='DS1B.XXXXX2.TIDE.XXXXX'export PBAE_FTP_AR_DSN-- where PBAE is ORACLE_SID name!

Then in the standard (one apply all) SHELL SCRIPT, we want to FTP to get the file with dynamiclychanged (SID) file name in the script. I used:ftp -n $FTP_SITE_ADR2 << ENDFTPuser $FTP_USER2 $FTP_USER_PASS2get ${ORACLE_SID}'_FTP_AR_DSN' $FTP_DIRECTORY/...ENDFTPI had try << get $ORACLE_SID'_FTP_AR_DSN' >> or << get '$ORACLE_SID'_FTP_AR_DSN'' >>But all get error message like:"Invalid data set name "TBAE'_FTP_AR_DSN'". Use MVS Dsname conventions."I know << get '$TBAE_FTP_AR_DSN' >> will work, but in this case SID has to be hard coded in eachdatabase, and this is not the way we want to go.Is there a way I can get SID variable in the FTP part? (the file name need to be exactly within ( ') to work properly.Thanks for your help. Any one can tell me where I can find any the reference will also very helpful.HelenDo You Yahoo!?Make inter!

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