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Re: cleaning up oracle homes on NT

From: Sunrise DBA <>
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2001 09:49:16 -0700
Message-ID: <>

I asked about this a ways back when I wanted to remove only one version of Oracle. I ended up hosing up the registry and having to completely wipe the hard drive and start over.  Reinstall NT, etc, etc.  Be very careful with deleting registry entries :)  But, now I have a nice clean NT machine with 8i running.  Thank god it was a test machine! 
I did not find a way to remove only one version btw. I had to remove ALL oracle components and reinstall only the version I wanted to run. I also don't have metalink access, so no help from there. 

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  Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2001 6:56   AM
  Subject: RE: cleaning up oracle homes on   NT   

  I broke oracle on NT one time by messing with them, i   thought i'd do it manually, so i tinkered with registry entries, etc,   eventually had to blow away all of the oracle stuff and start   over.
>>> <A

  href=""> 08/01/01   09:10AM >>>I don't want to remove all the oracle homes, just one   of many.I noticed they are in sequential order, home0, home1, home2,   etc.What would happen if I removed home0 or home1?  Would it   confuse Oracle?With the size of Oracle software, it is not always   practical to delete allthe Oracle homes when only one product has been   de-installed.  What if forexample you wanted to upgrade one piece of   software, but leave the othersintact?During installation we can   specify yet another oracle home to install thesoftware, but then the   registry gets cluttered with nonexistent   homeentries.Regards,Patrice BoivinSystems Analyst (Oracle   Certified DBA)    -----Original
  Message-----    From:    Jon Walthour   []    Sent:    Wednesday,   August 01, 2001 9:40 AM    To:    Multiple   recipients of list ORACLE-L    Subject:      Re: cleaning up oracle homes on NT      Patrice:    If you're talking about the filesystem,   everything should be underthe    %ORACLE_HOME%   directory (usually c:\oracle\ora81 or the like).   Theregistry    entries are all in HKLM\Software\Oracle.   Just run regedit and deletethis    key to remove all   the Oracle registry keys. Also, the OUI will   notuninstall    itself. List, please correct me if I'm   mistaken here.    Jon Walthour   

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