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RE: Sizing a new server

From: Guy Hammond <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 08:33:36 -0700
Message-ID: <>


doesn't sound too bad, the 8400 is a solid piece of kit. 64-bit, up to 14 CPUs and 28G of memory. They have seriously good I/O bandwidth. Needs a three-phase power supply and weighs, literally, half a tonne. And best of all, you can run VMS on them!




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  It's going to be Unix, tru64. 
  Unfortunately I will be stuck with some old hardware to start with - an Alpha,   8400, I believe maxes out at 8 cpu's, along with two old disk farms (compaq   esa10k).  I'm slapping together a bunch of old pieces of hardware,   upgrading where needed, obtaining software licensing where needed, compaq   hardware/software support, and with some duct tape, political brown-nosing   done by others and a few users screaming for their data, I'll hopefully end up   with some sort of reporting tool hitting this.  (BizObj or Cogno$).    Man Cognos is expensive.
  I wish I could choose AIX here. 
  It's not an option. 
  See doesn't this sound like a
  director's job?? Say it
  again:  I LOVE MY JOB

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    Some may laugh at the question but what OS - NT,     Unix, VMS or ?
    Regards, Bruce
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    Thanks Kimberly, <FONT face=Arial
    size=2>I wish it was that way.  I have to justify my request with hard     numbers or they are going to laugh at me     when I say, "Because that's what I want".  :) <FONT     face=Arial size=2>They don't yet know how I'd react to that, it would be a     knee-jerk type of reaction involving     creative expletives...  not pretty.  <FONT face=Arial     size=2>Good for you.  At least you have some real hardware and true     HA.  I wish I did <FONT
    face=Arial size=2>Lisa
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    recipients of list ORACLE-L Get the     biggest, kick ass server they will let you buy.  If your site is     anything like mine they just keep asking for     more and more databases.  So no <FONT face=Arial     size=2>matter what I have now I know its not enough.  I am really happy     with the nice new N-class HP cluster I     have sitting next door running Service Guard. <FONT face=Arial     size=2>I am also getting a A-class database cluster for some important but     not fab critical databases.  Now if     I can only get ride of the 5 K-class database <FONT face=Arial     size=2>servers.  Its kind of like when you go from a fast to a slow     PC.  Drives me crazy.  Not that
    there are issues with performance from the databases.  It     would only be me, while playing (which of course     means working) on the server, that would     notice. -----Original Message-----
    Sent: Monday, July 09, 2001 8:30 AM     To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L     

    Good morning everyone, <FONT
    face=Arial size=2>Lucky me, I get to choose the size of the server this     company should consider purchasing.      I have been poking around on the net for any <FONT face=Arial     size=2>guidelines - I can make guesses based upon my gut feel and how     strapped the current unix server is, but     I want to be able to back this up with hard <FONT face=Arial     size=2>numbers.  This is for a dw application. <FONT     face=Arial size=2>Can anyone point me to a website, book, or anything in     particular that can help me justify     sizing a machine?  It's so fun working for a company that     doesn't have a sysadmin on staff...      Thanks <FONT face=Arial
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