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RE: Sizing a new server

From: Robertson Lee - lerobe <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 00:03:21 -0700
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By the
sounds of it, Kimberley was in a very similar situation to me when I was working for a semi-conductor manufacturing company afew years ago (the worst job I ever had).Basically money was no object and anything was feasible as long as the fab kept running 24x7.

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  Thanks Kimberly,
  I wish it was that way.  I have
  to justify my request with hard numbers or they are going to laugh at me when   I say, "Because that's what I want".  :)  They don't yet know how   I'd react to that, it would be a knee-jerk type of reaction involving creative   expletives...  not pretty. 
  Good for you.  At least you have
  some real hardware and true HA.  I wish I did   Lisa   

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    Get the biggest, kick ass server
    they will let you buy.  If your site is anything like mine they just     keep asking for more and more databases.  So no matter what I have now     I know its not enough.  I am really happy with the nice new N-class HP     cluster I have sitting next door running Service Guard.  I am also     getting a A-class database cluster for some important but not fab critical     databases.  Now if I can only get ride of the 5 K-class database     servers.  Its kind of like when you go from a fast to a slow PC.      Drives me crazy.  Not that there are issues with performance from the     databases.  It would only be me, while playing (which of course     means working) on the server, that would notice.     
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      Good morning everyone, 
      Lucky me, I get to choose the size of 
      the server this company should consider purchasing.  I have been 
      poking around on the net for any guidelines - I can make guesses based 
      upon my gut feel and how strapped the current unix server is, but I want 
      to be able to back this up with hard numbers.  This is for a dw 
      Can anyone point me to a website, 
      book, or anything in particular that can help me justify sizing a 
      machine?  It's so fun working for a company that doesn't have a 
      sysadmin on staff...  
      Lisa Koivu<FONT 
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      Administrator<FONT face=Tahoma 
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