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RE: Oracle tuning book

From: John Kanagaraj <>
Date: Wed, 09 May 2001 10:26:52 -0700
Message-ID: <>

>yes I can see him in that tent "I have come to save your
>database with the
>new world from on high -- tune with wait events" (Gaja, you
>know I love you,
>Mogens is pretty darned smart, I lump him in with the "Gaja/Cary
>Millsap/Craig Shallahamer" crowd... people who can teach me
>much and who I
>feel privileged to have met

Hi all,

Now that we are mentioning names, please look at the following info from Cary Millsap's site - part of the acknowledgements from the 'Why a 99%+ Database Buffer Cache Hit Ratio is Not Ok' paper:

Science World has been made possible by Juan Loaiza at Oracle Corporation, who created the idea to instrument the
Oracle kernel with event-based performance diagnostic data. Anjo Kolk, with his famous "YAPP paper" [Kolk et al.
1999], was the first to write about how to apply those diagnostic data to the task of optimizing an Oracle system. We also owe a debt of thanks to Sameer Patkar and Roderick Mañalac, who encouraged Anjo to write about the subject; and Shari Yamaguchi and Jim Viscusi, who helped him do it. Thanks go to my dear friend Mogens Nørgaard of
Miracle A/S, who to the best of my knowledge was the first man on Earth to force his entire staff to use only the
Oracle wait interface to optimize Oracle systems. Without the insight of these gentlemen, we'd probably all still be spending 70 hours a week using ratio-based checklists to tune our Oracle systems.

In brief: Juan Loaiza started it all, Anjo Kolk wrote about it with help from others, Mogens Nørgaard implemented it.

John Kanagaraj
Oracle Applications DBA
Hitach Data Systems, Santa Clara
Work : (408) 970 7002

>>From: Don Granaman <>
>>To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L <>
>>Subject: Re: Oracle tuning book
>>Date: Tue, 08 May 2001 16:45:25 -0800
>>I'm not sure about the "Mogens as god" deal, but Gaja is a
>fine evangelist!
>>I very large tent would have been a fine venue for the
>"...Tuning Myths and
>>Folklore" session!

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