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RE: sorry,

From: Mohan, Ross <>
Date: Mon, 07 May 2001 13:50:13 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Folks, let's deal with this in the following fashion"

0) Whine and bemoan the loss of decency in everyday life,

        the callowness, the reprehensible lack of self-control,
        and the horrid manners of Robert Hutchins.

1) Send out a team to Robert's place of business and 
        either stone the walls, picket on the sidewalk, 
        or promise a boycott of all office products that
        will bring Staples to its knees in Chapter 13, 
        forcing his management to fire him, leaving him
        jobless and loveless in a cruel, bitter world, 
        finally so miserable that he commits suicide. 

2) Pat ourselves on the back that 'we'd never do something
        that rude.' and wait for the next offender. 


0) Go after the "idiot" directly, in full psycho, old world

        SA fashion. "You should know better", "Read the Trucking
        Manual", "Get off the list until you know better", etc. 
        Drive him off the list in the way that only the members
        of an elite technocracy can.

1) Send out a team to Lando's place of business and apply
        the same methods as at Staples, mutatis mutandis, 
        forcing Dulcian into Chapter 13.

2) Pat ourselves on the back, etc.


0) From now on, no matter who writes, on what topic, and

        regardless of content, we as a list respond with a flurry
        of emails that say only "Are you an idiot". This actually 
        contains less letters than "Read the Freaking Manual" and 
        has a certain personal flair in addition to its obvious social
  1. Wait until Jared, Bruce, Jesus, or whoever is REALLY in charge of the list kicks us ALL off the list, one by one.
  2. But, immediately get a new account under a new name, and keep joining the list, and answering people's technical questions with "Are you an idiot?" For added value, send a bunch of technical questions of your own to the list-admin address, despite any corrections you may receive.


We could just forget the whole damn thing. ( sung to the tune of "Potato, Potatoe,...Let's Call The Whole Thing Off")

Yours in Joy and Cosmic Bemusement,


        years. Finally, the list itself will turn

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|| Boy, did I call that one, or what?
|| Whoo-eee, here comes my career at Psychic
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