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Re: Taking your time when a crisis occurs

From: Alex Apostolopoulos <>
Date: Mon, 07 May 2001 09:53:36 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Am Montag, 7. Mai 2001 18:50 schrieb Koivu, Lisa:

> > Yes, Rodd, you are right. There are times when being blunt is
> warranted. I do it now - I couldn't a few months ago. At my last
> employer I was very very good at it and my boss let us do our jobs
> without interference.
> However, the real question is, what's PHB?

"Pointy-Haired Boss". From the Dilbert character, the archetypal halfwitted middle-management type.

> :P
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> From: Rodd Holman [
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> Sent: Monday, May 07, 2001 12:00 PM
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> Subject: RE: Taking your time when a crisis occurs
> Lisa,
> This is where I use my firm understanding of what I can do and all the
> other employers in the world that would like me to do for them. It
> gives
> me the confidence to tell the PHB leaning over my shoulder to get lost
> if
> he wants the system up in his lifetime. If PHB can't handle the fact
> that I have gained my own personal confidence then that his problem. I
> don't lose sleep over it. Generally when you bluntly point out that
> they
> are COSTING THE COMPANY MONEY by increasing the down time with their PHB
> actions they generally go scurrying away like a mouse when the light
> comes on. Then again, in such situations I tend to be VERY blunt and
> un-PC with those who don't understand the FULL situation. It doesn't
> necessarily endear me to being selected as the next department manager.
> However, after 12yrs as a Naval Officer and various other management and
> supervisory positions, I'm not really interested in leaving the senior
> technical staff for that any more. I've had my gut full of it. :-)
> Rodd Holman
> Oracle DBA
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> views,
> policies, or procedures of LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation
> Original Message dated 5/7/01, 9:45:47 AM
> Author: "Koivu," Lisa <>
> Re: RE: Taking your time when a crisis occurs:
> These are good points, but beware of the boss that thinks looking over
> your shoulder and asking questions helps. Either your supervisor trusts
> you or he/she doesn't. For me, having someone right behind me breaks my
> concentration and can make the recovery take longer.
> Ugh. Happy Monday, all.
> Lisa Rutland Koivu
> Oracle Database Administrator
> Certified Self-Important Database Deity
> Slayer of Unix Administrators
> Wanton Kickboxing Goddess

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