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RE: Taking your time when a crisis occurs

From: Koivu, Lisa <>
Date: Mon, 07 May 2001 09:37:45 -0700
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Yes, Rodd, you are right.  There are times when being blunt is warranted.  I do it now - I couldn't a few months ago.  At my last employer I was very very good at it and my boss let us do our jobs without interference.

However, the real question is, what's PHB?


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This is where I use my firm understanding of what I can do and all the other employers in the world that would like me to do for them.  It gives me the confidence to tell the PHB leaning over my shoulder to get lost if he wants the system up in his lifetime.  If PHB can't handle the fact that I have gained my own personal confidence then that his problem.  I don't lose sleep over it.  Generally when you bluntly point out that they are COSTING THE COMPANY MONEY by increasing the down time with their PHB actions they generally go scurrying away like a mouse when the light comes on.  Then again, in such situations I tend to be VERY blunt and un-PC with those who don't understand the FULL situation.  It doesn't necessarily endear me to being selected as the next department manager. However, after 12yrs as a Naval Officer and various other management and supervisory positions, I'm not really interested in leaving the senior technical staff for that any more.  I've had my gut full of it. :-) Rodd Holman
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Original Message dated 5/7/01, 9:45:47 AM Author: "Koivu," Lisa <>
Re: RE: Taking your time when a crisis occurs: These are good points, but beware of the boss that thinks looking over your shoulder and asking questions helps.  Either your supervisor trusts you or he/she doesn't.  For me, having someone right behind me breaks my concentration and can make the recovery take longer. Ugh.  Happy Monday, all.
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