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Re: Fwd: please help

From: Paul Drake <>
Date: Thu, 03 May 2001 22:20:00 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Jonathan Gennick wrote:
> Fellow list members, I received the following email from a
> reader a few minutes ago. If you skip down to where he talks
> about backup, you'll see that he's in trouble with a
> database that won't recover. I've already suggested that he
> open a TAR, and that he supply more specifics as to error
> messages and the like, but maybe someone on this list can
> draw some conclusions from what he's told me so far. If
> you're good at recovery, have a look at what he says. I'll
> post his email address later if he says its ok, and I'll
> pass on any advice/suggestions I receive in the meantime.
> --
> Best regards,
> Jonathan Gennick
> * 906.387.1698
> * *

I have seen this error before - when the batch script that ran the hot backup job did not take the SYSTEM tablespace *OUT* of BACKUP mode.

He should have selected file# from v$backup where status='ACTIVE'.

I wasn't checking email while at IOUG. Sorry that I didn't see it sooner.

with the database mounted, exec:


ALTER DATABASE OPEN; and you're up.


> Tuesday, May 01, 2001, 10:27:51 PM, X wrote:
> BC? Hi Jonathan,
> BC? I always read and like your articles in the Oracle
> BC? Magazine.
> BC? Could you please give me a moment of your time ..
> BC? I have some couple of pressing problems and questions
> BC? if you don't mind as i am under fire at work ..
> BC? I have trouble with some of the Oracle databases that
> BC? i manage on Sun Solaris platform, sometimes i have my
> BC? shutdowns hanging and this takes a very long time to
> BC? complete. Also, hanging problems with some of the sql
> BC? statements. Could you lend a hand about any possible
> BC? clues as to what i should do or where i should look
> BC? for answers.
> BC? My last question is about hotback.
> BC? I ran a hot backup yesterday and tried recovering
> BC? today. I was faced with an Oracle error saying system
> BC? tablespace needs more recovery and that open resetlogs
> BC? will get an error after automatically applying the
> BC? redo logs.
> BC? My backup strategy went this way,
> BC? i created a backup shell script and
> BC? i put all tablespaces in hotbackup mode at the same
> BC? time with this syntax..
> BC? select 'alter tablespace' || tablespace_name ||'begin
> BC? backup;'
> BC? from dba_tablespaces
> BC? where status ?? 'INVALID';
> BC? I copied my datafiles to backup using the syntax below
> BC? ...
> BC? !cp /u02/oradata/prod/system01.dbf /backup/prod
> BC? !cp ....
> BC? !cp ....
> BC? !cp ....
> BC? !cp ....
> BC? then ended backup the same way as i began backup
> BC? with the ||'end backup;'
> BC? I backed up my controlfile
> BC? and everything went well. Today, I restored my
> BC? datafiles from backup and i was greeted with the
> BC? problem i just expalined to you.
> BC? I am the only dba DBA at this location
> BC? and i need some advise on what to do as this is a
> BC? serious issue with my supervisor.
> BC? Thanks,
> BC? Bill

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