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IIS 5.0 on Win2K from InfoWeek

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Date: Wed, 02 May 2001 10:47:44 -0700
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Microsoft is warning that an "extremely serious" flaw in Windows 2000 could enable a cracker to control any system running Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.0 software that ships with the operating system. Earlier versions are not affected.

"Upgrade the patch before you read the bulletin [ ]," warns Scott Culp, a Microsoft security program manager. Culp says an unchecked buffer in the services that support Internet printing capabilities causes the vulnerability. He adds that users who turn off the printing services are not vulnerable.

The extent of the vulnerability is severe. "There is virtually nothing a malicious hacker couldn't do to an exploited system," Culp says. Microsoft says it has distributed information about the vulnerability and started contacting certain customers before the company released the patch at 1 p.m. EDT Tuesday. A security software firm, eEye Digital Security, notified Microsoft of the vulnerability 10 days earlier.

Gartner analyst John Pescatore says a large portion of Windows 2000 users probably have not turned off the affected services and should either do so or install the patch immediately. Pescatore says Microsoft made a critical error. "IIS has been a cancer on Windows 2000," he says. "Including that code in the Windows 2000 base vs. it being a separate application was a huge mistake." - George V. Hulme

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