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Re: Re: SUN vs. HP

From: Raj Sakthi <>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 12:19:12 -0800
Message-ID: <>

C.S.Venkata Subramanian" scribbled with glittering crayon :

> I have been working with Oracle under HP, I find HP
>server with high fault toulerence and reliable. If we
>tune the OS and DB then we can get
>maximum performance.

I can vouch for that . I have been working with HP for more than 5 years and I find it very reliable and efficient OS .
>One word of caution is that, if u use Mc
>Servicegaurd then u shud go for OPS. Which works for
>only on RAW partitions. Administration will not be a
>easy job.

Not necessarily . You can use it for single instance more easily . MCSG is just a set of shell scripts allowing you to escape from hardware failure of MACHINES...not the storage unit . The conf. is 2 machines configured to recognize same mount points from the storage unit . So setup should be done carefully like the ORACLE user id and Group id's should be same on both machines .
>Instead go for AutoRAID box which HP has got. It
>converts itself bet RAID5 and RAID1/0.

CAREFULL...!! This depends . Decision of using AUTORAID should be taken after carefull thought . The AR is a "BlackBox" ...literally . HP refuses to divulge any info on that . But this much is known from experience : AR starts off with RAID1 and as you put more data into it at one point when AR decides to go for RAID5 , all the applications will run into stonewall because AR is busy converting itself into RAID5 and will not process any IO requests..!!! RS

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