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OT: RANT ABOUT OCP, Re: Small help

From: Joseph S. Testa <>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 04:46:05 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Lee, i'm with you 200%,

oh and for the original addressee(and others) if you can't figure out what the heck that simple pl/sql block is doing(or where to figure it out), then quit diluting the OCP worthiness, people who study just to take the OCP and have no experience just go to further the waste of paper that the certificate is printed on. :)


lerobe - Lee Robertson wrote:
> Xing,
> Have a look at the documentation, specifically, Application Developers
> Guide, section dealing with "Using Procedures and Packages".
> No disrespect intended but sometimes, certainly for questions such as this,
> you will learn a heck of a lot more by digging around in the docs, and
> reading (and working out) the answer for yourself. That is certainly my
> experience. You will also fell encouraged to delve further and learn more
> about other packages etc. Hope my pointer will help you.
> To the rest of you - I know it would have been quicker to write down the
> answer to Xings question, but what will he have learned about the general
> syntax ??
> Regards
> Lee
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> Sent: 29 March 2001 07:05
> To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L
> Hi DBAs and SAs,
> Can someone tell me what is this ORACLE PL/SQL Script all about,..
> Ya... I know I have to read alot, my OCP course will start next month.
> dbms_utility.analyze_schema ( '&OWNER', 'ESTIMATE', NULL, 5 ) ;
> END ;
> /
> Thank you
> Xing

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