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Backup Advice.

From: Mark Leith <>
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 07:50:48 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hi there :)

After a rather interesting start of my week, I have a question for you about the backup of local PC test databases.


At the end of last week I deleted my current test database along with all Oracle files, and went for a fresh install, due to having some rather interesting ora-600's and a corrupted SYSTEM datafile! Now that was fun to say the least I can tell you!

I then went on to try and install Oracle again from a copy of 8.1.6 for Windows NT/2000, which was downloaded from technet, and burned on to a cd, to save disk space.. I had originally installed 8.1.6 from this download, but when I went to decompress the files from the zip, on the CD, I had corruption on the CD!!

Now, I dreamed of corrupted datafiles, corrupted CD's, even corrupted politicians over the weekend, and came in early this week to start downloading 8.1.7 (The only bonus in this little story:) which is in fact a download of 584mb. This is now STILL downloading right now at a rate of 4.5kbs, and is scheduled to finish in 17hours, and 37 minutes :<( What a joy it is to have to download these extraordinarily huge files over a 56k modem. Even ADSL isn't available here until September..


The point? Well, I was wondering what you guys do out there to backup any local PC test databases you may have? I have no tape to backup too, and no real experience with backup or recovery situations. I have never backed up Oracle either :)

The databases are all pretty static, as we just load up some data exported from our Access tracking system. The database is pretty much used for QA of our performance tools.

What files should I backup first of all? There is no real need to have this database running in ARCHIVELOG MODE is there?
Also, where would you reccomend backing up to? CD (aahhemmm!!), network drives, seperate directory?

I'm really just trying to avoid the fun and games I've had this week, any advice?

Thanks guys



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Author: Mark Leith

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