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RE: What is best practice - differenet schema/different dbs

From: Lanteigne, Mike <>
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 06:32:05 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hi Doug , (and all) ,

Just curious - the PS environment, do you put finance and HR on the same DB? Do you share the sysadm user? I'm new to this PS stuff, so this interests me. Also, in production, do you have the PS databases separated from the other OLTP databases?


Mike Lanteigne  

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> Rao,
> I'm going to differ from a previous return post. I think that you
> should
> use different schema's with separate tablespaces. Why? Because your all
> on one
> machine therefore all of your background Oracle processes are competing
> for the
> same CPU, memory, and IO resources which can and does slow matters down
> significantly. The best bet in my experience is one large DB instance
> with a
> very large SGA, particularly in the DB_BLOCK_BUFFERS area. We've tried
> both
> approaches with our PeopleSoft development environments and this works
> much
> better than multiple instances. Way too much background CPU & Memory burn
> not
> to mention all of the wasted disk space for multiple system, temp, rbs,
> and
> other tablespaces. It really dings the IO too. BTW: with each schema in
> it's
> own tablespace(s) you can still take one offline without crashing the
> others,
> unless you need to take system or rbs offline.
> Dick Goulet

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