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RE: DBA Job at a Chocolate Factory

From: Adams, Matthew (GEA, 088130) <MATT.ADAMS_at_APPL.GE.COM>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 11:22:59 -0800
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I once did a 6 week emergency fix/port at a company called Midwest Labrotories.  They did environmental testing of things like water, air, soil, food, plants, etc. 

The worst part was that every other Thursday (or thereabouts) was 'manure day'.  They had to bake the samples in an oven before they can be analyzed.  The smell cannot be imaginged, you have to experience it for yourselves.

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> From: Steve Orr []
> Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2001 11:07 AM
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> Subject: DBA Job at a Chocolate Factory
> Seven years ago I was offered an Oracle DBA job at a
> chocolate factory and
> turned it down. (Please don't tell Rachel, she already thinks
> I'm crazy.) I
> had two simultaneous offers for the same salary and took the
> one closer to
> home. While on the interview they gave me the full tour of the factory
> starting with the bags of cocoa beans on the docks. The smell was
> intoxicating and even wafted into the office area where I
> would have worked.
> They had unlimited stashes of chocolate in every cubicle. I asked the
> employees if they ever got sick of chocolate and the answer
> was a resounding
> NO. Now my kids will never forgive me for not having taken
> the job at the
> chocolate factory.
> This begs the question... Where and what are some of the most
> interesting
> Oracle DBA jobs out there? I heard of one deep underground at a mining
> operation in the middle of the Nevada desert. Database is a
> basic technology
> that can be applied to just about any business anywhere. Any
> interesting
> stories? Personal experiences?
> Steve Orr
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