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[ANNOUNCE] Orac-1.2.3.tar.gz Perl/Tk Perl DBI Oracle DBA and Development Tool

From: Andy Duncan <>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 09:20:40 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hi Everyone,

Richard Sutherland and I are revamping the Orac Perl/Tk Perl DBI program. This now makes liberal use of Richard's DDL-Oracle Perl package (required for Oracle usage) and we're also beginning to make use of Dean Arnold's DBD-Chart Perl package (not required, but if available on your local Perl system, made use of, if also accompanied by Tk::PNG). Orac-1.2.3 is now available on CPAN, here:


(if your local Perl CPAN mirror is still only displaying Orac-1.2.2, you may want to wait for 1.2.3 to propagate, as a few 1.2.2 buggettes needed immediate squashing)

DDL-Oracle is available here:


DBD-Chart is available here:


The use of Richard's DDL-Oracle package will hopefully, within a few weeks, allow us to drop any restrictions as we gradually remove all of the old scripts copyrighted to Brian Lomasky, and replace them with DDL-Oracle equivalents to get to a full GPL status.

The other main change is that now Oracle Developers can now use Orac, as well as Oracle DBAs. There's not much functionality as yet, but we'll be adding to this constantly.

If any Oracle developers would like to send me any wish-lists, I'll do what I can to add them into the program. I'd like to provide an Oracle open source alternative to Toad, if I possibly can. I'm also on the lookout for any DBA/Developer SQL scripts which give name/value information pairings which can be turned into useful charts. You can see examples of these charts here:


Finally, we're not taking many prisoners on this Orac development run, and consequently the program will not be super-stable for the immediate future. Orac-1.2.0 is still recommended for stable DBA usage :-)

All suggestions welcome! 8)


O'Reilly's "Oracle and Open Source":

Orac, Perl/Tk and Perl DBI Database DBA & Development Tool:

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