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Re:RE: Re:RE: RE: Oracle DBA evolution path - please share y

From: <>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 07:48:17 -0800
Message-ID: <>

    Well, Since I started this I guess I'll wade back in, but I'll save everyone some bandwidth in the process.

    To Jaques (sorry I don't think I spelled that right) point and Mike's too most of the rotten third party software I've seen does have a BAD management team behind it in one way or the other. Sometimes it's a lack of management that causes the problem and sometimes a "we've got to get this to market" attitude within the management team that causes the problem.

    From the Sales & Marketing side I'd criticize those who have tried to push software at us that they themselves did not know what it did or what the benefit to us would be. It's great to market technology, but if your customer sees no benefit what's the sense. Most of the "canned" demos I've seen are not applicable to our business. We here do not do business over the web for the most part therefore don't come in here with a demo designed to impress and show the value of software to an E-business company, I need to talk to robots on an assembly floor.

    From the support/development side, the impression I constantly get is that "our application can only run standalone". BULL, in this day and age interconnecting one application to another is absolutely vital. And whereas I understand you cannot provide that interface for all possible combinations at least give me the ability to build that without having to go through hell 5 times over. Also I understand that there are locations you need to install in where a technically competent staff does not exist, but there are locations where there is a competent staff so make the install procedures a two part thing which one may or may not choose to use. Also, If you ask me to create an empty database with orainst understand what that means & don't go back around the flag pole. The last thing I'd LOVE to see in third party apps is to finally get the use of ANSI standard SQL all over the place. This use of case sensitive object names of those with special characters where you always have to imbed the object in double quotes is an exception and should be banned. One other thing, when I do get to support people, don't patronize me. There is nothing I HATE more than being told "you obviously don't know what your doing" when the reverse is true. Case in point, many apps tell you to create the schema users by "grant connect, dba to magic". I always ask, why do you folks still use the OLD syntax. I've been told that that's the only way, that "create user" is not supported by Oracle. HUH??? who doesn't know that their doing.

    Now for the two who have gotten into this the most, I've demo'd a couple of tools from Quest, not bad I actually liked them and they did behave as I'd expect. They're still on my list of potential vendors, especially now that CA has most of the remainder of the good vendors under their umbrella. Cool-Tools I have had no experience with so since the jury hasn't heard that case yet the door is open.

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