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RE: maintaining a backup table on another server

From: <>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 06:13:55 -0800
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Thanks for the reply Jacques.

I need to insert quite a bit of data (say 300-400 rows), and would like to perform the inserts as the data is collected. I would like to have the two server connections open at once. Otherwise, I would need to buffer the data and update each server separately. The speed factor is critical in this situation.

I am also looking into using "runtime contexts" in a multithreaded application. Not sure if this approach is viable.

John Armani

   From: Jacques Kilchoer <>    Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 11:04:56 -0800    Subject: RE: maintaining a backup table on another server

   See my answer below.

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> From: []
> We have a single table that contains audit information, and
> would like to create an identical table on a separate server
> that we will update at the same time we update the primary
> server table. Multiple primary servers could exist throughout
> the system, and a common backup server could be shared by
> multiple primary servers. The inserts, updates, and deletes
> would be done from pro*c library routines that would exist on client
> machines.
> A simple solution would be to create a database link to the
> backup table, and whenever we update the primary table we will
> send a second update to the backup table (via the database link).
> This approach works fine as long as the servers are up, but raises
> issues in the case if one or both is down at update time.
> What other alternatives can we look into? Is the Parallel
> Server concept an overkill?

   If I understand your situation correctly, you want an application to update    two tables in two different Oracle databases (that we will call A and B).    If you use a database link from A to B, when A is down, this will prevent    both updates, which is your concern.
   Why not have the application open two different connections - one to A and    one to B? I'm pretty sure that it's possible in Pro*C.

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