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RE: Re:RE: RE: Oracle DBA evolution path - please share your opi

From: Mark Leith <>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 02:30:00 -0800
Message-ID: <>



  OK then, since you were including all the employees, and since   you didn't mention Quest in your list of companies, I'll forgive   you.
  But just in case you didn't know, the main source of the   problems you encounter is those people in <FONT

  color=#ff0000>Marketing and Sales. :-)<FONT 
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  class=090345408-20032001>Passing the buck huh? ;) I don't believe that   ALL Sales & Marketing staff are the primary problem when it   comes to getting an intuitive, well coded,  widely functional   database product in the market place! Me, myself, and I all work as a Sales   & Marketing Exec for RDBMS performance tools, and I can say from past and   present experience that we are just handed the tool, and told to market and   sell it. From time to time we may get asked for opinions on software, but   hey - who listens to Sales & Marketing - we're just the drive by   gunmen that are sharks looking for a sale right? NOT TRUE! I keep in   constant contact with prospects AND customers!

  class=090345408-20032001>A good software company has the right MANAGEMENT   in place. It is not about the certain areas of the company, and the internal   pettiness that can occur between these departments. The key to success IMHO,   is to have a management team in place that can keep all areas of a business in   touch with each other, working together - to come up with a product that will   go down like a storm in the market! R&D have to realise that it is the   frontline (Sales & Marketing) who are talking to the customers day in and   day out,  and are in fact the ones that are told day in and day out what   a performance tool "should" do, and hey - that is this ultimate goal - to   deliver a product to the market that the USER wants to use! How often have you   heard of developers talking to customers?   We
  work very closely with customers and prospects alike. Our main aim is to   deliver a product to the customers desktop that they WILL use day in day out..   If that means that we spend a maximum of a day on site, installing and   configuring the product - whilst training the customer - so be it. I would   rather have a happy customer, than one shouting down my ear that the tools   have crashed and the database is down. And hey, what's a day right?   

  conclude - it is not mainly marketing & sales that are the problem, it is   a break down of communication within these companies that cause the problems!   That's why when you have a small close knit company, they can produce really   cool products, that match what the customer wants, and needs! Then these small   companies get acquired (because of their great new technology), by   corporations who throw the product in to the pile, and the breakdown of   communication starts there, and so does the breakdown of the product! Does   this mean it is a collective failure of all groups? Maybe. Or could it be the   failing of the management structure trying to hold all of this in place,   strongly defending his/her own little "Castle"? That is more my feeling..   

  my Ł0.02

  Damn I need a coffee now, where's my mug disappeared to? Received on Tue Mar 20 2001 - 04:30:00 CST

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