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RE: Offtopic:DBA Math, Beer and OEM

From: Weaver, Walt <>
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 15:55:24 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hey Steve, thanks for the plug, buddy!

Having spent much time in Goose Bay, Labrador and a bit of time in Montreal I'll have to say that Canadians are among the friendliest people in the world. In Goose Bay I learned a new definition for the word "screeching", and in Montreal I found one of the few large cities in the world that I like
(and yeah, I've been around the world a few times).

And Calgary is a hell of a lot closer to Bozeman than Foggy Bottom
(Wawrshington Dee See), and not just geographically. The last few times I
was back on the East Coast I thought I was in a different country. People back there actually think it's fun to wear things like ties.

Of course, a DBA is a DBA, no matter where he/she/it's from, and if anyone happens to be wandering through the Bozeman/Yellowstone area stop by; I'm in the phone book. Depending on the weather, we can go soaring/skiing/floating/fishing/whatever.

Steve, I still have your Black Stars in the refrigerator, and I'm hoping you'll be back real soon. All the snow's melted off the deck and we're getting ready to turn our abode into Party Central. Take care!

--Walt Weaver
  Bozeman, Montana, USA

P.S. I think if we USA types ever come to our senses and change our National Anthem from the "Star Spangled Banner" to "America the Beautiful" we might have something that's as fun to sing as "Oh Canada!".

Of course, I haven't been able to sing a lick since I was, um, 13 or so...

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Hey Dave,

Regarding Canada-US relationships...
How do you spell Canada? C eh? N eh? D eh? ...Groan My wife is Vancouver, BC born and raised but she's a dual citizen because
her Montana Mom got her a social security card soon after she was born. So
we have intimate "US-Canada relations." This summer we're going to fly two
flags... Old Glory and the Maple Leaf side by side. I have relatives
("outlaws") up in Calgary but if I'm ever up there I think I'd rather
you. Besides, I owe you that stout. :-)

Regarding beer...
If you get a chance, visit your neighbor Walt Weaver just to the south and
have a "Moose Drool" and a "Black Star" for me.

Best of Luck on the new job,
Steve Orr

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