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RE: Oracle DBA evolution path - please share your opi

From: Jacques Kilchoer <>
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 12:17:54 -0800
Message-ID: <>

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>     First things first, DON'T TAKE THIS PERSONAL.

Good thing you said that! I was on my way over there to give you an atomic wedgie. :->

> (various unpleasant past experiences deleted)

I've also seen a couple of questionable actions performed by 3rd-party software. It can be very frustrating.

> Now, would I rein in those developers and take away their
> sys/system level
> privileges, IN A HEART BEAT.  Believe me you'll be doing
> those of us out here,
> like me, a real "BIG" favor.

I will take your advice under consideration. Due to the nature of the work done here the developers sometimes need to look at different sys or system objects (e.g. the x$ tables). Part of my job here is to try and give a more DBA-oriented view on the pros/cons of the application (including the install process) to the development team, so I appreciate your feedback and will keep your points in mind.

I'm going to add a few sentences with my Quest Employee hat on. I hope I'm not giving the impression that over at Quest we have developers running amuck and trashing every database in sight. It is my responsibility as an employee here to help people form a good impression of Quest Software, Inc. and so I want to add that the developers here are very smart people and know Oracle very well. Like most developers they are used to deleting and recreating test scenarios at will so they don't have the same respect for their databases (and nor should they) as a production DBA would have for his/her data. In addition, some of the test scenarios that they run through could very well include cases of a database that's "corrupted" in some significant way, and what to do in that situation.

By the way, if any person has a question on the Quest products I will endeavour (within the time limits that I am willing to devote to this list) to answer them.

any ignorant comments made are the sole responsibility of J. R. Kilchoer and should not reflect adversely upon my employer.

Jacques R. Kilchoer
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Irvine, California 92618
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