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RE: Connecting from VAX/VMS to Remote Oracle Data Base

From: Robert Jenkins <>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 14:19:49 -0800
Message-ID: <>

It's a new version in beta

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> From: Robert Jenkins []
> Sent: mercredi, 14. mars 2001 15:05
> We have a VAX/VMS7.1 maching with RMS Indexed files that we
> have been trying to connect to.
> I haven't been able to find any ODBC tool to connect to the VAX.
> What I have so far is a company called CONNX has a product
> that will connect to VAX using CONNX and from there you can
> use ODBC to get to Oracle.
> The alternative that we are currently using here is the old
> fashioned method of
> First create a fixed length ascii file on the VAX system.
> Then FTP that to our Oracle server. Then use SQLoader into Oracle.
> Oracle has a 'Transparent Gateway for RMS' that is in beta
> testing. We are going to be participating in that beta.
> Hopefully that will be a better way.

beta testing? I remember at my previous company querying RMS files from inside an Oracle 7.1 database about four years ago, using the Transparent Gateway. You were only allowed "select" (no delete/insert/update) but we were successful in implementing the gateway. At the time there was no mention that the product was in a beta stage. Of course, it might be in "beta" for a new version of Oracle and/or RMS.

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