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RE: Oracle DBA evolution path - please share your opinion

From: William Beilstein <>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 13:15:20 -0800
Message-ID: <>

You should look into getting Palm's wireless pocket DBA, then you could hide in the woods and still get your work done 8-)

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> From: Rachel Carmichael []
> Sent: jeudi, 15. mars 2001 06:43
> nice, very nice..... and just in time, as I have decided to
> "put a stake in
> the ground" (to quote our CTO) and take back control of my
> databases. My
> programmers have been allowed to run riot due to a limited
> number of hours
> in the day for me to get things done. No more.
> Now, where did I leave that kevlar vest?

I know the feeling. I've been trying to "organize" our development databases here and encourage some of our QA people / developpers to not install the products in the system tablespace. Also I have mentioned a few times since I've been here that if you want to delete a datafile from the disk, it's best to drop the tablespace from the database first! Of course when the database won't start up they turn to me.

This week I'm going through all our databases and changing the sys and system passwords to something else, and creating developper accounts that don't have DBA privilege. When I send out the e-mail outlining my little plan I think I'll have to hire some button men and hit the mattresses. For the next few days I'll be hiding in the bunker. It's probably best if I perform my DBA duties whilst peering out through that little slit.

Jacques Kilchoer - master of the Mafia metaphore

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