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RE: Off topic, humour, flagrant breach of the rules

From: Mohan, Ross <>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 13:01:05 -0800
Message-ID: <>

LoL....Dave, it was AEROSMITH who did "Walk This Way" !!

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From: Dave Morgan [] Sent: Wednesday, March 14, 2001 10:46 AM To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L Subject: Off topic, humour, flagrant breach of the rules

This should make it through GE's filters but ..

I think they have it backwards though. Shouldn't it be "something to protect the software from Matt" rather than "software to protect Matt from something"

My apologies Jared, but it's only one rule. I usually break them 4 or 5 at a time.

Announcing a new musical with music by The Travelling DBA's !!!

A one act musical on UNIX, NT/2000 clients are advised to reboot after each song and apply all new Microsoft patches.

Curtain rises ....

A DBA's spouse  wanders down to the basement where his or her partner has been tele-commuting for the past little while and breaks into a song by George Thoroughgood.

        Get a haircut and get a real job,
        clean your act up and don't be a slob
        Get it together like your LITTLE brother bob,
        why don't you get a haircut and get a real job

Next we join our intrepid hero(ine) in SILICON VALLEY!!!

        Working 5(am) to 9(pm), what a way to make a living
        barely catching by, it's all taking and no giving
        they just use your mind, then they never give you credit

Enter stage right, the NEW BOSS! Best portrayed by a young person with no experience who has one of the following certificates, MSCE or OCP. (Cisco certified techies are ineligible for this role)

        With apologies to AC/DC

        Walk this way
        Talk this way
        DBA this way
        Administer this way.

Cut to our hero(ine) who appears to have many more grey hairs (and wrinkles) laughing hysterically just before you hear the wonderful music of Johhny Paycheck!

        Take this job and shove it
        I ain't working here no more
        My CLIENTS left and took all the reasons I was working for
        You better not try to stand in my way
        When I'm walking out the door
        Take this job and shove it
        I ain't working here no more

Fade to a chorus of sysadmins, network admins, and data entry clerks crooning to the tune of You've Lost That Lovin Feeling

        You've lost that Dee Bee Aaa
        Whoa, that Dee Bee Aaa
        You've lost that Dee Bee Aaa
        Now it's gone, gone, gone, woah

Final shot

Our hero, once again in the basement with the loving spouse leaning over his/her shoulder whispering "I'm so glad you're back to stay"

Curtain falls .....


Thanks to all who have helped me at this job. I will rely on you at my next one :) (In Calgary, at one of Canada's largest ISP's)

Jared, I'll be good from now on, I promise.

After Friday I will be reachable at


Dave Morgan
Senior Database Administrator
Internet Barter Inc.
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