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RE: Forms, Client, and the meaning of life.

From: Steve Orr <>
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 16:23:33 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hey Chris!

Good to see you on the list again. You must still be working with that SCT Banner CIS Utilities "stuff." :>)

What's the other 3rd party thingy? Are you just talking about problems with the co-existence of Net8 and SQL*Net 2.3 and different TCP adaptors? I experienced that within the Banner Forms environment and another 3rd party app but it's been a couple of years and alzheimers is setting in... but the solution was on the Windoze PC client side of things and it all worked together peacefully. The use of different adaptors didn't seem to bother Windoze or the network any.

Regarding the meaning of life... it varies by individual but for me it's living close to the slopes during ski season.

Still stuck in Silicon Valley,
Steve Orr

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We have a 3rd party application that requires forms 4.5 runtime. which we load from a developer 1.6.1 CD-ROM. In doing that we also get SQL*Net and TCP Adaptor.

We have another 3rd party application (does that make it 4th party?) which requires Oracle 8.0.5 Client, meaning another SQL*Net and another TCP Adaptor.

Our forms application will someday be going to a modern version of forms. When that happens, will we be able to use whichever SQL*Net and TCP Adaptor we want? or will that again be dictated by the version of Forms runtime, etc.?

The bottom line is, we are having various problems with the forms application locking up and are thinking it is a network stack problem. If we could simplify and have just one version of SQL*Net, etc. It seems like we might have a fighting chance to get this figured out and fixed. The way is is now, their ain't nothin' to figure because we can't change anything anyway!


Chris Howard         CIS Database Administrator
Platte River Power Authority     (970) 229 5248


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