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RE: quotes

From: Mohan, Ross <>
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 08:49:07 -0800
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bells are tolling for Lawrence. Downgrade to Brook's Brothers suits?
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  class=812122015-13032001>Maybe now that I've become a damager and have a   budget, I'm seriously considering kicking the Oracle habit.  I think they   and their ilk helped put a lot of dot-com's out of business through their   predatory pricing.  DB2 is looking very attractive...and I'm having tons   of fun with Postgres at home.



  thing is, there is no point in becoming married to any technology.    Things change...and a good designer, programmer or DBA can transfer their   skills easily, because to be GOOD you have to understand the   fundamentals.


  class=812122015-13032001>Sorry, feeling philosophical   today...



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    Isn't that utterly ridiculous. If you didn't call the 2nd server a     "failover" server and just manually moved over the filesystems and net     address, you wouldn't need a 2nd license! But if you automate the process     with failover software, you do! The database and software are only ever     going to be on one server at a time so what's the big deal?     Oracle licensing has gotten so ridiculous that at our shop they've pretty     much priced themselves out of the picture for all new databases. I suspect     my managers aren't the only ones looking more seriously at SQL 2000 these     days either. I'd look for Oracle to lose market share over the next 18     months. Not because SQL is better (it isn't), but the price performance     ratio is much more acceptable.
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      got my oracle quote back. I had asked about backup servers 
      andfailover. To quote the salescritter, "In most cases where an 
      environmentrequires a standby failover server, a license will be 
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