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RE: OEM - Tunning Pack, Diagnostic Pack....

From: Ron Rogers <>
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 05:53:57 -0800
Message-ID: <>

The cost quoted is about the same price I has charged. When Oracle changed support from Bronze as the lowest support level to Silver as the least you could get they changed the pricing also. At our site we went from approx $28K for 96 licenses and Bronze support to unlimited licenses and Silver support for $32K a year. The $32K included OEM and the 3 extra packs for 1 DBA on 1 client. It did not work in our environment and I requested a rebate for the support for the OEM and 3 packs and the software RMN# to return the OEM disks. The total value of the software and support that I did not want/use breaks down as follows:

Licence to use cost....

Diag MGT Pack      $5184.00
Tuning Pack            $5184.00

Change Mgt Pack $5184.00

Product support......

Diag MGT Pack      $364.95
Tuning Pack            $364.95

Change Mgt Pack $364.95

Update Subscription Service....

Diag MGT Pack      $775.53
Tuning Pack            $775.53

Change Mgt Pack $775.53

Grand Total Billed but not payed yet...$18973.44

That is the Total I am waiting to get removed from the bill from Oracle. The majority of the bill has not been paid yet and the Oracle collection department has not returned my calls.
As you can see, they charge for everything. You might be paying for something you do not use or want. I have yet to see any updates to the OEM packs shipped to me on a CD.  This outstanding bill has been open since August 16, 2000.  They are not cheap.
ROR m¬┐¬m

>>> 03/13/01 04:30AM >>>

        I was quoted ?15,000 plus yearly support for tuning pack + diag pack. This was for 2 DBA seats but I think they based it on UPUs since they checked my platform and CPU figures. Anyway It was too expensive for my site.

You would think that Oralce would price the product low to encourage easier database tuning and maintenance, which would improve product performance and image.


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