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Re: (Fwd) Use of third-party tools in Oracle environments [Note:47292.1]

From: Eric D. Pierce <>
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 19:04:45 -0800
Message-ID: <>

(fyi, from Metalink)


 Doc ID: Note:47292.1
 Subject: Official Backup Policy --

          Certification, RMAN, EBU,
          Third-Party Software

 Type: FAQ

 Content Type: TEXT/PLAIN
 Creation Date: 16-OCT-1997
 Last Revision Date: 04-MAY-2000
 Language: USAENG

 Oracle *DOES NOT* certify media management software with Recovery Manager (RMAN)  or the Enterprise Backup Utility (OBACKUP, EBU).   

 Source: Bernard Vincent, Director, Operations and Services Planning,  Worldwide Customer Support. September 2, 1997

 Use of third-party tools in Oracle environments

 To: Worldwide Oracle Support Customers

 To protect customer data against loss or damage and ensure Oracle's ability to  provide timely service and support, Oracle Worldwide Customer Support and  Oracle Server Technologies have developed the following policy:

 Oracle cannot guarantee customers data integrity and product functionality  where third-party products alter the internal contents of the Oracle database  files, data blocks, log files or control files. Third-party products or  customer-developed programs which alter the internal contents of these files  may introduce inconsistencies that render the data to be unusable. In such  situations, customers may be required to restore from the last backup prior to  the first use of the third-party product in order for Oracle to provide  effective assistance. Examples of such products include data reorganization  tools, data loaders, [***]defragmentation tools[***], products that conduct incremental
 backups of only changed portions of data, or any product that attempts to  alter the contents of the Oracle data files, blocks, logs or control files.

 This [***]excludes[***] simple copying utilities such as operating system utilities or
 any other product that reproduces an exact image of the data as it was  originally written by Oracle.

 Oracle customers are encouraged to work with third-party software vendors to  determine how that vendors' product interacts with Oracle technology, and if  the above information is pertinent to their environment or may compromise  their data retention and recovery capabilities.  .

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