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Re: One Database, Multiple Apps

From: Don Jerman <>
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 14:48:53 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Actually, if you're doing a *lot* of inserts without bind variables, try shrinking your shared pool. You'll be parsing everything anyway and that way it takes less time to fail the hashtable lookup.

I have such a beastie, and this works for me -- it was able to roll over a 200M shared pool in just under 2 minutes, so I never got more than about 3% preparsed queries other than my "select..." statements that were monitoring the pool. At 10M it rarely complains, and the hit rate is about the same (1% is about the same as 3% :-) I gave the rest over to buffer cache and it seems to be a bit more responsive.

Paul Drake wrote:

> Lisa Koivu asked about:
> I am thinking of just implementing a schema in my current database
> for this purpose and making the table as quick for inserts as possible
> (no primary key, minimal indexing, PCTUSED set appropriately, etc.)
> Lisa,
> I recently did the exact same thing:
> created a schema for the Tracking App.
> As the tracking app does not use Public Synonyms, there aren't any conflicts
> with the other app running on the same database. One word of caution:
> bind variables.
> Canned apps frequently have never heard of such creatures.
> 1. Hike up your shared pool - and pay attention to free memory
> 2. enable cursor_sharing
> 3. enable query_rewrite
> any thoughts on this, Rachel?
> Paul
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