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Re: Does NT write to random locations on disk?

From: Don Jerman <>
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 13:49:39 -0800
Message-ID: <>

If you created it using the Database Assistant, it created a bunch of strangely small data files with autoextend turned on. When the file autoextends, it grabs the next free hunk of disk, of whatever size you set it to grab. Whether something else is creating ephemeral files that cause these fragments to be separated or what, I can't say -- but all you need to do to defrag is:

  1. shutdown the database, so that all file locks are cleared
  2. back up :-)
  3. run your defrag utility, or format the disk and restore from backup :-)
  4. startup the database

Voila, the files are defragged -- for now. If you want to keep them that way you probably want to turn autoextend off and resize the files prudently before taking the time for this procedure, and create new files as needed at a set size, rather than use autoextend.

But it probably doesn't matter -- NT likes files to be defragged, but if you are actually reading random disk-blocks anyway contiguous files won't do a lot of good. If you do a lot of full table scans it will help a bit, if you also defrag your tablespaces. It will also help if you have a lot of free space between the fragments (you won't have to fly over it afterwards), but not much if your disk is mostly full (you didn't say if 1.2G is 80% or 8% :-).

"Boivin, Patrice J" wrote:

> Using a little utility called contig I noticed that the Oracle 8.1.6
> datafiles on my test NT server are quite fragmented, an average of 177
> fragments per file, 118 fragments for the OEM repository datafile. The poor
> utility couldn't do anything with the database files, they are too large
> perhaps.
> These were created on an empty server, 8i release 2 went on it after a
> defrag, then the OEM. This is on a hard disk with 1.2G of free space, none
> of the datafiles come close to that.
> Why so many fragments? Oracle created those files in one pass, does NT
> write randomly to disk or what?
> Won't this have an impact on my NT database's performance?
> Oracle says tablespace fragmentation is not a big deal, but fragmentation at
> the OS level matters. Supposedly that's why NT and WndowsXX came with
> defragmentation tools.
> ???
> Is there a registry setting somewhere to tell NT to write contiguously to
> disk?
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