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ORA-00922 on create table...

From: Gorden-Ozgul, Patricia E <>
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2001 09:18:25 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Pat Gorden-Ozgul               BNL-ISD Systems                 631-344-5159

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[] Sent: Thursday, March 08, 2001 11:42 AM

Solaris 2.6
RDBMS EE I'll bet I'm doing something really stupid here. Can anyone find my error?

I'm getting the following error on execution: create table catrec (


ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00922: missing or invalid option


create table catrec (

        abstract        VARCHAR2(3000),
        add_dt          VARCHAR2(32),
        altti           VARCHAR2(200),
        au              VARCHAR2(1504),
        auth            VARCHAR2(504),
        au_sx           VARCHAR2(32),
        call            VARCHAR2(56),
        call_lc_sort    VARCHAR2(56),
        catno           VARCHAR2(32),
        check_in_note   VARCHAR2(3000),
        claim_mode      VARCHAR2(32),
        claim_mode_nm   VARCHAR2(32),
        claim_period_days       VARCHAR2(32),
        coden           VARCHAR2(32),
        coll            VARCHAR2(504),
        contents        VARCHAR2(3000),
        corp            VARCHAR2(1504),
        cpv             VARCHAR2(32),
        dauth           VARCHAR2(232),
        day_month       VARCHAR2(32),
        day_week        VARCHAR2(32),
        display_ti      VARCHAR2(504),
        disp_isbn_order VARCHAR2(56),
        doc             VARCHAR2(32),
        dse3            VARCHAR2(32),
        dse4            VARCHAR2(32),
        dse5            VARCHAR2(32),
        edtn            VARCHAR2(232),
        enum_type3      VARCHAR2(32),
        enum_type4      VARCHAR2(32),
        enum_type5      VARCHAR2(32),
        exclude_dates   VARCHAR2(32),
        holdings        VARCHAR2(1000),
        include_dates   VARCHAR2(32),
        isbn            VARCHAR2(56),
        issn            VARCHAR2(32),
        issue_enum_type VARCHAR2(32),
        key_numbers     VARCHAR2(56),
        kw              VARCHAR2(56),
        leader          VARCHAR2(56),
        level_          VARCHAR2(32),
        m008            VARCHAR2(40),
        m010            VARCHAR2(32),
        m011            VARCHAR2(32),
        m017            VARCHAR2(56),
        m018            VARCHAR2(56),
        m019            VARCHAR2(32),
        m027            VARCHAR2(32),
        m035            VARCHAR2(56),
        m037            VARCHAR2(56),
        m040            VARCHAR2(32),
        m041            VARCHAR2(32),
        m042            VARCHAR2(32),
        m049            VARCHAR2(200),
        m060            VARCHAR2(56),
        m069            VARCHAR2(56),
        m070            VARCHAR2(56),
        m080            VARCHAR2(56),
        m082            VARCHAR2(56),
        m086            VARCHAR2(32),
        m088            VARCHAR2(56),
        m090            VARCHAR2(56),
        m091            VARCHAR2(56),
        m092            VARCHAR2(56),
        m096            VARCHAR2(56),
        m098            VARCHAR2(56),
        m099            VARCHAR2(104)
        m100_exp        VARCHAR2(1504),
        m110_exp        VARCHAR2(1504),
        m111            VARCHAR2(1504),
        m111_exp        VARCHAR2(1504),
        m130            VARCHAR2(200),
        m130_exp        VARCHAR2(200),
        m210            VARCHAR2(56),
        m211            VARCHAR2(200),
        m212            VARCHAR2(200),
        m222            VARCHAR2(200),
        m240            VARCHAR2(200),
        m243            VARCHAR2(200),
        m247            VARCHAR2(200),
        m265            VARCHAR2(200),
        m310            VARCHAR2(200),
        m321            VARCHAR2(56),
        m330            VARCHAR2(56),
        m331            VARCHAR2(56),
        m351            VARCHAR2(56),
        m362            VARCHAR2(56),
        m410            VARCHAR2(200),
        m411            VARCHAR2(200),
        m440            VARCHAR2(200),
        m490            VARCHAR2(200),
        m501            VARCHAR2(504),
        m502            VARCHAR2(504),
        m503            VARCHAR2(504),
        m504            VARCHAR2(504),
        m505            VARCHAR2(2000),
        m506            VARCHAR2(504),
        m512            VARCHAR2(504),
        m513            VARCHAR2(504),
        m515            VARCHAR2(504),
        m520            VARCHAR2(504),
        m521            VARCHAR2(504),
        m522            VARCHAR2(504),
        m523            VARCHAR2(504),
        m524            VARCHAR2(504),
        m525            VARCHAR2(504),
        m527            VARCHAR2(504),
        m530            VARCHAR2(504),
        m533            VARCHAR2(504),
        m534            VARCHAR2(504),
        m536            VARCHAR2(504),
        m537            VARCHAR2(504),
        m538            VARCHAR2(504),
        m540            VARCHAR2(504),
        m541            VARCHAR2(504),
        m544            VARCHAR2(504),
        m545            VARCHAR2(504),
        m546            VARCHAR2(504),
        m547            VARCHAR2(504),
        m550            VARCHAR2(504),
        m555            VARCHAR2(504),
        m556            VARCHAR2(504),
        m561            VARCHAR2(504),
        m562            VARCHAR2(504),
        m565            VARCHAR2(504),
        m567            VARCHAR2(504),
        m570            VARCHAR2(504),
        m580            VARCHAR2(504),
        m590            VARCHAR2(504),
        m599            VARCHAR2(504),
        m600_exp        VARCHAR2(1504),
        m610            VARCHAR2(56),
        m611            VARCHAR2(56),
        m630            VARCHAR2(56),
        m650            VARCHAR2(504),
        m651            VARCHAR2(56),
        m651_exp        VARCHAR2(56),
        m653            VARCHAR2(56),
        m655            VARCHAR2(56),
        m690            VARCHAR2(104),
        m691            VARCHAR2(56),
        m692            VARCHAR2(56),
        m693            VARCHAR2(56),
        m694            VARCHAR2(56),
        m695            VARCHAR2(56),
        m700            VARCHAR2(1504),
        m710            VARCHAR2(1504),
        m711            VARCHAR2(1504),
        m730            VARCHAR2(104),
        m740            VARCHAR2(104),
        m752            VARCHAR2(200),
        m760            VARCHAR2(104),
        m762            VARCHAR2(104),
        m765            VARCHAR2(104),
        m767            VARCHAR2(104),
        m770            VARCHAR2(104),
        m772            VARCHAR2(504),
        m775            VARCHAR2(200),
        m776            VARCHAR2(200),
        m777            VARCHAR2(104),
        m780            VARCHAR2(104),
        m785            VARCHAR2(104),
        m787            VARCHAR2(504),
        m800            VARCHAR2(504),
        m810            VARCHAR2(104),
        m811            VARCHAR2(104),
        m830            VARCHAR2(104),
        m840            VARCHAR2(104),
        m856            VARCHAR2(1504),
        m870            VARCHAR2(104),
        m871            VARCHAR2(104),
        m872            VARCHAR2(104),
        m873            VARCHAR2(104),
        m936            VARCHAR2(104),
        medium          VARCHAR2(32),
        mtype           VARCHAR2(32),
        ne3             VARCHAR2(32),
        ne4             VARCHAR2(32),
        ne5             VARCHAR2(32),
        niss            VARCHAR2(32),
        notes           VARCHAR2(2000),
        oclc            VARCHAR2(32),
        pred_cycle      VARCHAR2(32),
        pred_cycle_nm   VARCHAR2(32),
        pub             VARCHAR2(1504),
        ref             VARCHAR2(504),
        rev_dt          VARCHAR2(32),
        rev_uid         VARCHAR2(32),
        sec_cd          VARCHAR2(32),
        series          VARCHAR2(1504),
        ser_type        VARCHAR2(32),
        subj            VARCHAR2(1504),
        ti              VARCHAR2(1504),
        titles          VARCHAR2(504),
        vol_enum_type   VARCHAR2(32),
        week_month      VARCHAR2(32),
        week_year       VARCHAR2(56),
        year            VARCHAR2(32)


Where's my error?         

Pat Gorden-Ozgul               BNL-ISD Systems                 631-344-5159


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Author: Gorden-Ozgul, Patricia E

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