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Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2001 12:12:57 -0800
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For those interested, I found this on Metalink. It was posted this morning:         

  News & Notes

                                      MetaLink Performance - Status and Actions

  My name is Tom Brennan, VP New Technologies and CRM deployment for Oracle Support Services. As part of my responsibilities, I have   a team that provides the product management for the Metalink service. I wanted to provide all of you with a specific update to the recent   performance challenges.

  We are keenly aware of the performance issues with Metalink that have caused poor response time and several outages over the past 2   months. These problems were exacerbated recently as we experienced technical problems with the introduction of additional middle tier   servers and hardware issues with our legacy TAR tracking systems that Metalink is bridged to.

  The site has experienced tremendous and unexpected growth in customer acceptance of Metalink, especially after we introduced the   iTAR functionality. The service has grown to over 240,000 registered users and during peak load (6:30-9:30am PST), the system is   strained considerably. We track key service level metrics and have automated procedures in place to immediately notify internal   production operations when these service levels are missed.

  Specifically then, what are we doing?

       We are introducing more application servers to take processing load off of our database servers.

       Our database servers will be upgraded within the next 2 weeks with the maximum number of processors and memory that they can

       handle. Partial upgrade took place this past weekend March 3-4.
       Our Center of Expertise is again looking at any possible tuning options.
Including a full audit of this legacy application to isolate any
       application inefficiencies that can reasonably be corrected.
       These efforts, once complete, will provide us the headroom needed until
we migrate to Oracle's new CRM suite which we are
       planning to start in Q2 with iSupport, which will be a new UI and
technology stack for MetaLink.

  This is a global issue for us and it has the attention of Oracle management. Customer acceptance and use has overtaken our capacity   faster than we ever imagined. On behalf of the management team, I can only apologize for the performance issues and tell you that I know   how valuable this tool/service is and we are working the correct the situation as fast as we can.


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