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Massive_Thangs !!!!

From: Jackson Dumas <>
Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2001 08:25:03 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Maestros I've got some questions.

(1) There was a schema dropped on one of the databases, some where
around November 2000. Now another lady was working on it, she never up with any positive result and eventually she left the Company, now they are saying I must take over. The actually thing is to find out who dropped the schema with it's objects. This database is using RMAN. I am not really much clued with RMAN but I reckon it's gonna be a nice experience. The thing is, they are suggesting that I use Oracle 8i to find out who dropped the Schema. Seeing that I am not really clued up with 8i is there a way I can get this considering that AUDITING was not enabled except that it was enabled for only SESSION (i.e. who logged on, not who logged on and what was he/she doing) or a tool that can help me find out who dropped the Schema ? I will appreciate any form of help.

(2) Last but not least: Something nasty happened here a week ago or
All objects of two databases (One Production and the other Development) went invalid and these are running on two separate machines (boxes). They even went on to become corrupt and we had to recreate some packages and procedures. Well to give you an idea, the development database is created by using an export (dump file) from the Production database. What's strange is that they became invalid and corrupt at almost the same time. The Production one is running on Oracle 806 while the Development one is running on 805. I doubt that this is Software related but I am not 100% sure. I logged the call with Oracle Support but they couldn't help me except to tell me that it's impossible that objects became invalid without anyone having done something on them. Now I am stuck, there is bokorol that I can get from the database which might suggest that someone dropped or fiddled with it, I checked all logs or whatever. One senior guy here couldn't come up with the cause of that. It's strange and I hope someone out there will be able to help me. Where do I start now ? the South-African free email service  WIN R10 000 by registering for free online options for EasyMoney in - Easy Does it - Now!!!
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Author: Jackson Dumas

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