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RE: OT RE: Report Metalink Problems

From: Weaver, Walt <>
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2001 14:17:25 -0800
Message-ID: <>

IT TEAM: does this mean a bunch of guys who speak completely different languages are getting together to discuss the problem? <SPAN
Bozeman, Montana, USA

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  Don't worry guys.
  Their GLOBAL IT TEAM is making it "Priority One".   Some companies just deliver what they promise ( FedEx,   Domino's ) and some don't.
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  I think that is a great idea, but I just thought of   something.  If we do that, we may bombard there   Atari 54 mail server.  If we bring that to it's <FONT   size=2>knees as well, they Oracle will be forced to take some of there mail   room interns off of the metastink fix project and move   them over to the atari. Then metaslack will continue   to annoy me and all of the interns will be playing   missle command and smoking the bong instead of fixing mataslouch.   But I'll send one anyway! K   

  -----Original Message----- Robert D
  SSgt AFIT/SCA Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2001 3:27   PM To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L   

  Hey everyone,
  Along with seemingly everyone else on this list, I have been   suffering from a lack of access to Metalink lately   too.  I spoke yesterday with Oracle Client   Relations in regards to this, basically because I wanted to let them   know just how big of an impact this seemed to be having on   customer confidence in Oracle's products and/or   support.  The individual that I spoke with   mentioned that any problems that I might be having with Metalink needed   to be reported to their Electronic Support Services Help Desk
(mailto:  Well, I sent them
  a message yesterday expressing my dissatisfaction and   concern about this problem, and the apparent lack of <FONT   size=2>priority in getting it fixed.  I basically just wanted to   encourage everyone on the list here to do the same   thing if you feel it necessary.  I kind of <FONT   size=2>thought that maybe if they get bombarded with messages about how big   this problem is, maybe they will finally do something   about it.  If you have already done something   along these lines, please disregard.
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