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RE: Switch to OID from Names

From: Nelson, Greg <>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 14:29:54 -0800
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Since OID is actually an Oracle database failovers will be handled like an Oracle database. You can import the exact information that is in your TNSNAMES.ORA into OID, so if you are using failover in TNSNAMES.ORA you can put it in OID as well. You will also want to make sure that you have a failover for the OID database if you decide to use it. If it is your connection server and it isn't up clients can't connect. You can place failover options in SQLNET.ORA and/or the LDAP.ORA file that is used by OID such as a second OID database.  

I have learned the hard way (not on MetaSlop) that OID is not available on Parallel Server yet.  

Greg Nelson <>

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I'm considering the switch from Oracle Names to Oracle Internet Directory. One feature I liked about names was the dynamic discovery. Does dynamic discovery also work with OID? For example if one of my databases fails over to another machine in it's cluster, the names server is automatically updated by the listener as soon as the database starts up on the new machine. Will that also happen with OID? If not, can it easily be scripted
(korn shell).

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