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RE: MetaSlop -- More Screeching and Droning.

From: Kevin Kostyszyn <>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 13:44:33 -0800
Message-ID: <>

MAN!!!  Once again Ross has gone on before the rest of us and I just can't say anything after that!!  Apache running on linux based Palm Pilots....oh...oh the pain in my stomach....:)

  <FONT face=Tahoma
  size=2>-----Original Message-----From:   []On Behalf Of Mohan, RossSent:   Tuesday, February 27, 2001 4:26 PMTo: Multiple recipients of list   ORACLE-LSubject: MetaSlop -- More Screeching and   Droning.
  Our own esteemed Paul Baumgartel wants to know how our   equally esteemed Kevin would have handled the   MetaCrack announcement.
  There are several possibilities, depending on what is   ACTUALLY going on in the Armani Sweatshop on Ellison   Lane.
  Scenario One:
  ATTENTION:  Oracle Customers -- Special DBA   Announcement.
  No doubt you have recently seen performance on MetaLink   do down like a career hooker on a Presidential   candidate. There is a reason for this, and here it   is:
  We had a cowboy DBA who stayed up too late one night   reading "Oracle Latches, Waits, and Blinking Lights"   by Tom Swift. (Doubtless you are aware of this classic   review of oracle internals.) Unfortunately,   aforementioned cowboy badly misinterpreted the settings of <FONT   size=2>the _db_block_write_flush_or_scan_depth_increment_rigidity   parameter and really screwed up our systems. After out   "Global IT Group" got on the problem ( ok, the "other"   cowboy rookie DBA we have ) he tried everything he   could, and actually worsened things by setting the   "_please_make_it_better" parameter to TRUE, as opposed   to IMMEDIATE. As you may know, this undoc parameter   only works in TRUE mode for Oracle8, and MetaLink is still running   on Oracle
  Finally, we called in someone competent from our front line   support. She had actually quit, and was packing her   desk in disgust (at not being allowed to properly   address customer requests ever since the "iTar" process performed   auto-deletes on all online requests) but was stopped   by an alert middle manager for "one last favor". After   she set the "_divert_funds_from_marketing" parameter <FONT   size=2>to TRUE, everything came back for a handful of minutes.   During this brief operational period, we had a "staggering"   number of requests hit our front end webservers (   Apache on Linux-based Palm Pilots ) and MetaLink could   not respond to the seven requests simultaneously.   We are currently throwing hardware at the problem, and hope to   be able to provide roughly the same level of service   you'd expect at a local Seven-Eleven any day now.   So Long, and Thanks for All the Power Units!!!!

  ################   END METALINK MESSAGE 
  There are other scenarios, but my hourglass just returned from   my metalink search, so i've got to go   now.........
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  href="">]   Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2001 3:21 PM <FONT   size=2>To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L <FONT   size=2>Subject: RE: RE: MetaSlop
  And if you were running a comparable system, what would *you*   say?
  Paul Baumgartel InstiPro, Inc. 212
  813-0829 x103 (office) 917
  549-4717         (mobile)   

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  Tuesday, February 27, 2001 2:51 PM To: Multiple   recipients of list ORACLE-L
  Man, these guys just invite the wise-ass comment, don't   they?  Such as:
  Well maybe if the product worked better/was less confusing/had   better documentation we wouldn't all be in   Metalink! Oh no!  If 4 new servers brought the   system to its knees just think how bad it'll be when   the rest of the hardware arrives! 4 new   top-of-the-line servers, just think what that'll do to their power   unit charges!
  Plus I can't rid myself of the image of us all 'staggering' to   Metalink for help.
>>> 02/27/01 01:21PM
>>> For those interested, right from the
  horses mouth, or other orifice as you desire:   

  News & Notes <FONT

  MetaLink Performance - An Update
    We apologize for the slow response times recently on   MetaLink. All over the world
  our customers are coming to and using this valuable <FONT   size=2>  knowledge base in staggering numbers. Our Global IT team are   working these performance issues as their number one   priority.
    What is Being Done   This
  week four new front-end web servers were brought on line to help   manage the load. Additional hardware
  has been purchased and will   arrive soon which   will make a significant improvement in performance.     We appreciate your patience during this time of   significant growth in MetaLink <FONT
    Thanks,   The MetaLink
  Team Received on Tue Feb 27 2001 - 15:44:33 CST

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