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RE: Oracle DBA evolution path - please share your opinion

From: Khedr, Waleed <Waleed.Khedr_at_FMR.COM>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 10:36:58 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Sure everything will be point and click! But it means nothing! Who will open tars, report bugs, download patches, etc?!  

When we're using Oracle 7, Oracle said that Oracle 8 will work by itself, tune itself, low cost maintenance, etc.  

So, tell me what happened?  

Also in my opinion DBA duties includes database architect.    

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Dear List !
Some background : i've been around Oracle for several years , i'm DBAing for 2+ years now , i have written some java code (jdbc , some XML etc) , perl , PL/SQL , Tcl/Tk , a lot of UNIX scripting . .Where do i go to from here ?  

Many people say that the profession of Oracle DBA is going to be less demanded in future , because of :
1) either other DB ( like less-expensive MS SQL Server or free MySQL) will occupy the market , especially in small enterprises ; 2) or Oracle will "improve" the DB management and make it "point and click" , so you do not need a dedicated Oracle DBA at all or you need less Oracle DBAs .  

So , the bottom line is : what should i learn now ? how can i extend my expertise ? In which fields ?  

Please share your thoughts !
Thanks a lot in advance !  


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