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From: Brian Wisniewski <>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 09:46:04 -0800
Message-ID: <>

The similiarities in your comments between CA and Oracle are scary. I'm working part-time for a client to get Oracle installed and configured for a new service they are going to provide to their clients. This is their first Oracle experience.

They spent around $300K on software and licenses and that was for the server and partitioning option. They waited for a few weeks to get the CD's and kept calling and was always told it was on the way. They received the CD's, too bad they were for Solaris and they are running on Win 2000. They sent the Solaris CD's back and asked for the correct ones and then they finally received 2 CD's which the sales person had BURNT ON HIS CD BURNER from his personal collection because according to him there is a 3 month back log on NT/2000 CD's! They didn't receive the documentation or fail safe cd's which they need. Needless to say their experiences with Oracle Corporation so far has not ingrained in them a very high level of confidence in the company.

It probably didn't help the situation any when I brought it an original 8.1.7 cd for NT/2000 that I had received for FREE weeks ago from Technet. :)

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