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Re: Informatica on Solaris

From: paquette stephane <>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 00:58:34 -0800
Message-ID: <>


We're using Informatica Powermart 4.6.1 on Oracle 8.1.6/solaris 5.7.

Our sources are Sybase and Sql Server databases (yes, unix is a MS client via ODBC unix). I'm the Oracle pioneer.

The prod server is a 4500 with 4G ram and 4 cpus, the dev/test server is a 450 with 2G ram and 2 cpus.

>From a DBA standpoint, do not give this tool to
beginners, hire an expert to help your staff. Here, everything is done with the tool so it's not flexible. If we want to move something in production , we must move everything in production, not just a single transformation but everything : no good.

Another thing : slowly changing dimensions. The developpers did not create tables to contain the metadata to manage type 2 slowly changing dimensions. So the DW administrator can not manage the DW loading himself, he must ask the developpers to change the code then put the code in the production environment : not flexible at all.

Another examples, the developpers are commiting at each 10000 rows instead of by logical transactions, so when the load crashes guess who has to bring back a backup of the db. There is a parameter to manage our many sessions are launched to do the loading, it's nice to know that number before the load starts...

It's not because you have a nice tool that the developpers should not know SQl and PL/SQL.


Stephane Paquette
DBA Oracle

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